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They're important because that help people make the switch and I think they had people relaxing to smoke so flavors given a choice of occurrence and people might use several different flavors over time Motrin. Day is wrong like if you drink alcohol, you just dropped one type of alcohol, but they have different choices. Different Times they give a wide range of pleasure experiences and over time. People. Don't like the taste of smoking is interest in many people? I transition to vaping and might try to back Flav, at the next experiment with other flavors. They kind of like those flavors more than the old taste of of smoke so does prevent is aimed prevents reluctant to smoking, so flavors are important. Given Charleston experience to me having -rageous experiences that paper can enjoy makes vaping pleasurable, and it makes stopping smoking pleasurable because. Remember is that if you're a smoker, you're stigmatized. You're feeling bad about what can I do I go to doctor. Get advice from Dr Kempter. Smoking cessation. They committed Exchan-. Present therapy, which is boring and doesn't really work. And I among miserable. You're guy through this difficult stage trying to move from smoking onto a replacement nicotine product whereas moving from smoking debated is pretty seamless transition from, and it doesn't work for everybody. Some people find the transition easy that it's an enjoyable transition from one way of using the Cotin to another you don't feel. Rutten is quite amusing. You can buy interest in flavors you buy juiston devices and. I've talked vapors. WHO said they never? They intended to Chris. Merger in. Painting and they like much one day. They realize they weren't franken anymore. So the pleasure element is there and as I sometimes say there's a hold holiest elements in this as well. They're fake fests. Sarah Fated Websites and consumer groups and forms, and so there are no an I'll T- websites so. Not Fest Have you tried Justna Johnson. said there's some vapors as a `collectivities of spirit, which comes about through the shed experienced some finding you get him pleasure from nicotine, and it is interesting, isn't it? How many? People move vaping. Begin to reduce the nicotine I it. It's completely countered to the figure that the nicotine is addictive. We could you imagine if you were getting nicer form of nicotine? You take more, but over time proportion of vapors actually end up using less nicotine when the devices I been developed and evaluated. By hoping to replicate the cigarette nicotine. In the rapids spy of nicotine, but in a few minutes and the garage new graduate Titan of both the level of nicotine, but also the the rapidity of onset doesn't seem to happen when people move to the that nicotine spy is an artifact of the five minutes cigarette invented in eighteen eighties the cigarette in Baja. Nicotine inhaling devices by adulting, containing every product, but also encourages spikes of nicotine. He goes to the day up and down the. Parallel to having heritage day downtown. When people move onto vape in both the. State that was not as highest with smoking, but they also don't go up and down during the day so much more I..

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