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He could've made a better argument for himself Salihi if he had stayed consistent. He would've won that award on merit and history. Interesting case, I hear what you're saying. I still think in the dome high stakes divisional game the eagles have been living on a prayer to even get in to get help from the Viking. So you know, they've been living on a prayer and crazier things have happened. But you know, they the reason they're even playing is. Because the the kicker hit the upright. That's the only reason they're down. They're not Chicago twice and he made the first one. So it's one of those things where I still think I think these saints and their defense, and I think I think the saints will rise to the occasion, I just think that the bears defense is better than the saints and for Nick foles to the naval to do it. He did with the bears defense. I think it's hard to say that he could he's not gonna just pick apart the saints. And also, let me just. You're shaking your head. I think all these teams I think the chiefs the Rams and the saints are gonna find their games again. They're gonna find all they're gonna find all their strength that they had in the season the made give gave him those first round byes. And they're going to show up with that. I yeah, I think it's just when a team is on a roll again coming off a bye, it's very difficult to play against them, and you can play at home all you want. But did you go see what the eagles fan started doing after the various game punching started van Malene, Cody parkey money? Yeah. And then other people started making Cody parkey accounts, hoping they would get some of that like because not verified like they don't know if it's the right Cody parkey and they're sending like six seven dollars at a time. Like, here's a beer on me. But. Reminds me of what the Browns did for Andy Dalton monster release code is give a few bucks out of the thing. Yeah. I mean, poor guy. It can't you know. Like the fact that it has to come down to a kicker like that everybody's very difficult. It's so funny. When you when the interview football players, they always shit on the kicker, so he's not a player. He's not a real player. He's not a real all your hopes and dreams of ever.

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