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Clover. It's gonna be an overcast day today, generally dry. But some of you could see a shower this afternoon. A high sixty one tonight, mostly cloudy, some light isolated showers are possible. Low fifty nine tomorrow. It's really steamy. Partly cloudy afternoon thunderstorms are possible. High eighty five degrees right now, we have fifty four across the board in long Portwood and at the acme in Clifton heights. Sponsored by acme. Download the acme at for awards on groceries and gas just for you. We are heading up to sixty one degrees today. It's six fifty four. KYW? Sponsored by national appliance warehouse. May first nineteen seventy six the Bellamy brothers a top of the singles chart with this. Let your love flow. In nineteen seventy eight. Bianca Jagger filing for divorce from Mick Jagger. They had been married seven. May I nineteen Eighty-one the nationwide release of the horror movie wanna scare the thirteen heart to give it to you straight about chase. It was the first to feature the mute slasher Jason his body was never recovered from the lake after as the villain. Listen to the old times in town still out. In nineteen ninety four one two six seven fun the action movie, no escape was number one at the weekend box wanted to get off this island. I'm Brandon Brooks and that three cyber money. News on KYW was depots. Bloomberg morning. Steve. Good morning, Carol. You know, cyber security doesn't come cheap new survey from Deloitte, fines, big banks and other financial firms spend as much as three thousand dollars per employee to defend computer networks from cyber criminals. Some of the largest banks tripled cyber defense budgets in the last three to four years amid a surge of attacks on client information, accounts and other data. Now, there's a merger pending in the college bookstore, McGraw Hill education, and send gauge learning holdings reportedly plan to combine an deal that would create the second largest provider of college textbooks and other higher education. Material. The Wall Street Journal says the all stock deal if approved by regulators would create a company with about three point two billion dollars. An annual income on Wall Street still looking at green Arrow's s and p futures are positive seven and a half points. Now, NASDAQ adding fifty one Dow gaining sixty the WSF S Bank Philadelphia index from Bloomberg at it a tenth of point yesterday with money news from Bloomberg on KYW. I'm Steve Potisk. Thanks, Steve at six fifty seven KYW, KYW HD and WIP FM HD two Philadelphia. Let's say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents. Which.

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