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People in the program is interest in the stocks. They talk about in the motley fool may have formal recommendations for against syllabi herself stocks based solely on what you here. Welcome back. The motley fool money Chris hill here in studio. Once again, Jason Moser Andy cross and Ron gross. Our Email address is radio at full dot com. And with the big game on Sunday. This is a very timely Email from Bill Davis. He writes, there was a great New York Times article this week about the huge growth coming in sports gambling based on recent legal changes and attitudes and outlooks in the sports culture. Can you talk some about this expanding market opportunity, and maybe suggest a basket of stocks in this area? Jason we've talked about the war on cash basket. The health and wellness basket is a sports gambling. Approach this from the perspective. I'm not a big gambler. So it's hard for me to actually see worthy competitive advantage lies in any one particular entity where I do feel like there is an advantage. No matter what that money's got to go from point eight point beans. I've talked often about how with this move. I think that all of these payments providers have an opportunity to make some money from this market. So the war on cash basket certainly applies there to a degree. But I'm also gonna push Bill over to our a reason episode of industry, focus Janury fifteenth, Nick and Osset did a whole show on casino, stocks and sports gambling. It's like an hour long. And they really dug into a lot of that stuff. So I I would encourage him to go back there. Listen to the January fifteenth episode of of industry focus Bill because I care about you and listeners I did a little research here. These are not recommendations, but the the main players here you want to check out the stars group. William Hill Boyd gaming and if you're fan of the fan duel type. Companies Patty power bet fair out of Britain actually acquired fan duel. So that would be a way to play that William Hill. No relation. No, no. Before we get the stocks on our radar any prop bets for the game of interest to you guys because the one that always gets me is the over under on the singing of the national anthem. I feel like like you Jason I'm not a big gambler. But I look at that. And think gosh that seems like the easiest thing in the world to fix, and it's usually really great fodder for the stern show that following Monday. Is they always have fun with that. And then juxtaposing it with Robbins efforts the national anthem one time ago. Funny stuff, you could bet this year and most years on the color of gator aid that will be poured over the winning teams. Wow. Seems like you could get a little insight info on that too. Absolutely. I'm happy to share some news. It is really the best kind of news earlier this week, our friend and colleague, Matt singer became a father. Jaber a healthy baby. Boy, and I'm sure Matt did a great job standing next to her in the hospital while she did all the work everyone's doing well. We could not be happier in part because all of us around this table. And also behind the glass, we were all fathers. And so we all know just how sleep deprived match the next year or so so with that in mind, we've got a very special stocks on our radar this week. It is stocks for baby ARGUS singer not that Matt is not a great investor. He is. But we're going to offer up some ideas for this baby boy, and we'll be conservative in our time line. Because look, you know, what this kid has a head of him many more decades of investing. So we'll put together some ideas for when he turns twenty years old so radar stocks for twenty thirty nine St. bride is not only going to suggest a stock of his own. But he's he's going to pick one for the baby to double doubts. We're gonna have a five stop. Portfolio. Ron you're up. I all right. If little baby arguing or is going to be a snappy dresser. Like is dad. I've got to go back to Carter's, cri. The leading manufacturer of children's clothing in the US under names like Carter's Oshkosh b'gosh as I said, they are the dominant player here..

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