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Most revolutionary horror film subscribe on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast to Halloween unmasked and watch your back. I think the scariest part was that he doesn't die at the end. So near ten, it's like that guy still out there. Get them. Take. Ringer, f, c, some podcasts care more than others. I'm here today with Ryan stat. God O'Hanlon what's up Brian. Just woke up from a nap after watching that menu Valencia game mica appears if I speak, I, I am in big trouble. We are going to delve into the Manchester United drama. Ross are going to talk about a little while the most exciting player in the Premier League. His name is not eating his art and discuss what an impact sub means in two thousand eighteen later, we're going to do a euro round up and talk about the developing story involving Cristiano Ronaldo. But first Champions League instant reactions as Ryan just mentioned Manchester United envelope, Chea drew nil nil that Old Trafford mica. This will not abate any of the Fuhrer currently going around the squad will. Yeah. No, that was man. What a, what? A disgusting ninety of soccer. That was. It wasn't true. It was an improvement over what they did against West Ham over the weekend. That'd be like you said that off air. And then I said in response to that, that I mean like sure, in the same way that dried out room, temperature pufus, you know, appetizer more appetizing men, you know, warm, mushy, poop billion. This is the opening warm mushy. Pope is actually more appetizing. Okay, let's not talk. That's not talk about that for too much longer. Right out much. Is your pickup exactly. Anyway over the weekend, Manchester United gots, Blake smacked, but actually by West Ham, three to one, I know that you've you've likely seen the stats. She's going around, which are the sprints for ninety collectively of the team was the lowest of any team that played. This weekend came in at fifty eight Lukaku RoboCop who had just three, but most on the team came from Luke Shaw, which is a whole other entirely. Right? And it's just kind of a thing it was. Paul Scoles was on a measure that I don't know if it was match today, what? Whichever it the cliff is floating around. Also online of false goals. Just being like Marino's embarrassing the club. Like I'm surprised that he survived past this weekend, and then you know, things are bad when Micheals echoing what Paul's halls goals. Well, let let let's let's drill down on the result though of the game. We just saw because when when we saw the starting eleven, you would think other than the omission of Jesse lindgaard who I guess is has a slight injury. You had Sanchez yada mkaku. You had rash verd-. I mean, it seemed like this was essentially the optimal lineup with Pablo behind them, manage influenzae. Finally, Eric by returned. I feel like we say that every week though, and in the lineup, I don't think Rena really knows what is best team is it changes every week from big game too big game. I I mean extensively, yes. Have that lineup would be the best lineup save for save for lingered, but can they still run with what do you think? Why couldn't United score today? I mean, they had eighteen shots which like on its face looks good, but that. Amounted to one total expected goal, which is pretty fucking terrible, given the maximum extreme confetti. But I think it has something to do with just like, like you said this while you're watching the game, they crossed the ball thirty. One times like it's like the the performance today was the absolute bare minimum performance for a team that is obviously has better players on the team that is playing against basically. Yes. And I also meant I also mentioned, is that Francis Clark Lynn for Flynn CEO was touched the ball more in the attacking the than I've ever seen him in his entire arsenal career in his one match. Yeah. I mean, Gabriel Paulista was out there as well..

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