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Stated that in the beginning the united states would engage in the process of disintegration by dividing itself along ethnic and cultural lines. He seemed to be the most concerned about the pacific coast with its growing chinese population and the increasingly hispanic south clashing with other minorities. He said that hard economic times would spark a class war. and that. And then when there'd be a racial cold war that would eventually lead to an openly civil war that would the assistance of the foreign military complex named the un another armies and the groups will come in and try and restore order the united states. Now pinera also stated that in the future that competence in the united states would dwindle worldwide in china would be the financial regulator of the world and the model for globalism about twenty eleven pan-amerian had been written off as a failed profit many american journalists analysts stated that what pinera and it said that his predictions were based on wishful thinking. They stated the penins comments were well accepted worldwide because it confirmed what the world wanted to hear and that is the united states is going to fail but everybody wants to hear the the failure of a strong america but i i realized that motives of the media or there to cover up the fact that pinera knew that the chinese were working on their world government model and that gradually it would be implemented using whatever means necessary in order to see it transpired in two thousand twelve at the rio twenty summit. The united nations held a conference on sustainable development now. The meeting was led by u. n. Conference secretary general. Shah sue king. Who was a member of the communist dictatorship ruling mainland china. You and conference secretary general. Josu king has been one of the notorious planners at the united nations for sustainability world government framework. It's always been based on the chinese model that's in it's that's there now. It's working now. For the chinese and sue stated in two thousand twelve the main objective for the rio twenty conferences would be to solidify support from governments around the world in the global pursuit of quote sustainable development and quote. He states that there needed to be a way of speeding. The process to require the creation of an institutional framework otherwise known as the global enforcement bureaucracy to mandate compliance by the world's national governments and populations..

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