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In the Kenwood exit these paving projects been going on often on the last couple of weekends when the weather's been okay and have really causing long delays especially on Saturdays on the I. seventy one as they go through trying finisher the work of between the lateral and Stuart this weekend starting at six o'clock tomorrow morning they will go back down to one lane coming north bound on seventy one and they'll be doing some paving work finishing if you've driven it lately you know that there's a couple spots where there's asphalt and then you go back on to the old stuff like with lanes kind of split so they'll do those portions right along the shoulders of the road to do the ramps as well to the Norwood lateral and Stewart road now the work they hope will be completed Saturday night however they say the schedule for lane and ramp closures is subject to change and contingent upon the weather but basically you're gonna have the right lane of seventy one north bound closed for the weekend between ridge and Stewart for sure the north exit to ridge will be blocked Kennedy avenues entrance ramp to seventy one north of the blocked and seventy one north exit to a Red Bank will be blocked as well so if you can avoid that area again this weekend be a really good I did other real had it coming up as Columbia parkway is going to go down to one lane for a long time that starts on Monday with the the landslide work and yeah it's like a way to enhance your project yeah yeah I mean I don't know the at the start they're gonna have two lanes going westbound shut down right now I love it'll stay that way for the whole time but from what I read made it sound like it yeah I mean I know at least you're gonna lose out right hand lane for sure but yeah I mean that's going to be a pain for people coming into town it's only gonna affect the westbound traffic so yeah when you leave work if you're headed back a east it won't be an issue because the they had taken like two lanes make it both directions but they're not going to maintain it that way this time they've just decided we're gonna keep one lane going west and then they'll keep all the lanes open on east is to have that suicide laying down all my gosh remember that yeah the green or red era he had to decide if you want to risk your life and in the middle I used to change morning to afternoon as in which direction there was a time when that was a really good idea ever see that anywhere anymore now coming up on news at six o'clock we'll have more on school issues.

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