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Are going out to wear masks all of which the governor says is helping slow the spread and the Republican governor of Arkansas as Hutchinson joins me now governor Hutchinson Happy Easter. Thanks for joining us on this difficult difficult time you sat on Friday. The doctor fancy called you and gave his quote stamp of approval to the measures. You've taken in your response to the virus but Arkansas is one of just a handful of states. That has not yet put in place in official. Stay at home order. Do you think other governors have made a mistake by putting in place? Stay at home orders. No not at all it. Just reflects The Flexibility Estate Needs I applaud New Jersey and New York. They've had to really lockdown. They have a high density population but we have less density and our population here in Arkansas. And I think we can't take this targeted approach which is proven to be effective. We've on the first day we had one case. I declared public emergency. We proceeded as you said the closes schools and other things. And then we're targeting where we need to but look at the results right now. We have about eighty hospitalizations and we have eight thousand hospital beds. And of course they're empty because we're not doing elective surgery and so we're beating that trend line Where are in terms of our cases? It's better we're increasing our testing and and right now I'd like to think that we're at the peak but we're at least flat and hopefully we won't peak later we'll peak sooner but there's a lot of hope and optimism this Easter that are tough. Time is behind it. We're going to be getting better. I sure hope that's right but let me ask you. You talked about the density playing a role and I understand that Arkansas is not like New York in that respect but little rock is and you are not letting different little towns or cities or localities in Arkansas. To make their own state homeowners if they want to the mayor of Little Rock that's making his situation more difficult. Why not let mayors do impose a stay at home if they want? We have a good partnership with the mayor's we've negotiated where there's curfew where it's helpful. They can close park if they need to. And so those are some of the targeted responses. But if you look at this. We want to take the long-term approach to this. And you're not going to win simply by lockdown because there's no such thing as a true lock down where everybody stays home and does not go out. You're going to have if we put a shelter in place order today. Tomorrow we'd have seven hundred thousand arkansans. That would be going out on the streets going to work. The most important message is that you wear your mask you do your social distancing and the people of Arkansas have embraced that and again it is given US success. That's the focus that we have and that way we can be engaged in this over the long term because I hope that this ends soon but we all coming back next year. Or we're going to be prepared for this. And you cannot lockdown. You cannot shelter in place for six months and so our approach emphasizing the mask the social distancing being in it for long term being able to have a modicum of business. That's going ahead and function out there. That's important balance that we have in our state. I share Dr Fao. Chew when I spoke to him this week that if we need to do more we will do more. And so. That's always an option on the table if we have to shelter in place but right now what we're doing approved me successful targeted approach. Well let me ask you because I was looking at the Arkansas numbers. One month ago your state had one case in zero deaths. Two weeks ago you had more than four hundred cases and five deaths now you have more than twelve hundred cases and at least twenty five deaths. I mean something that we've learned from watching places such as Italy. Spain Washington State California is that extreme measures do work in terms of controlling. How many people get the disease and how many people die from it? Why not take these extreme steps more extreme steps and you've you've taken that have been proven to work so far given the fact that it does seem like Arkansas is still on the upslope. Well whatever you look at The twelve hundred cases that we have that is more than a thousand short of the projections. Whenever you look the projections we were going to be skyrocketing whenever we started this. We were looking at war memorial stadium as a potential place to house patients. But today we have let me emphasize here. We have eighty that are hospitalized because a cove in nineteen we have eight thousand hospital beds available. That means we're not doing elective surgeries. We've really shut down a lot of our hospitals out there. We have this excess capacity. We have eighty. This hospital is an S. remaining steady you look at our surrounding states in two counties in our surrounding states they're more cove in nineteen cases. They are in the entire state of Arkansas. And so we're doing that. Targeted approach to prevent theft. Spread here this date and we'll do more if need be well. I certainly hope it continues to work. You have said that you support moving forward with no excuse. Mail an absentee voting in your state given the issues with in-person voting that could be caused by corona virus. So just to be clear that means you do not believe that. Widespread absentee voting fraud exists. We have absentee voting in Arkansas. But you have to have a reason for it. We have some special elections recently and and I said you can have no excuses. My emergency powers. We need to have that in November as well in the event we still have this national emergency because we want to have people be able to Safely Vote No with our absentee voting system. I'm not concerned about the fraud. Aspect of it. That's absentee is not Maili in its absentee no excuse voting but they vote in person. Today is Easter Sunday. Obviously your state has banned indoor gatherings of more than ten people but it exams church services as long as individuals their follow social and physical distancing at the church services. You have been discouraging large religious gatherings because of an earlier outbreak at a church in your state Which infected more than three dozen people are they going to be consequences for anybody in Arkansas? Who goes to church services today and violates the guidelines you have called for well because their guidelines is not going to be any arrests made or citations made But the consequence would be that. If there's a serious health risk because of a gathering we'll give a very specific directive and have a discussion with church which happened in one North East Arkansas. The pasture responded very quickly when our public health officials went there. So I'll just virtually all of the churches in Arkansas following the guidelines very carefully. They're just as concerned about their parisioners. As is I am as governor. And so we're worshiping remotely this Easter and I expect everybody to make sure they follow those social distancing guidelines and not gather whenever you have a a risk all right governor Hutchinson. God bless you and the people of Arkansas on this Easter Sunday. We appreciate your taking the time to talk to us today. Thanks so much. Jake appreciate it. Could data from your cell phone.

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