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I FALL ASLEEP? The trash on the road with freaked me out drive around or anything like that but I would get the idea taxes on reasons not realizing like. Oh these words. Idee I might need to go eat money so I go back on my second deployment so we were. We were lucky. We went on my first appointment for eleven months in home for eight eighty one and went right back there my second appointment now that that was a fun one that would that would universal and that would on average we were losing one vehicle a week you Iud's We locked the died he added. We lost the guy for landmine of on my first appointment. We ran over a landmine luck. We didn't lose anybody so my appointment being on average a vehicle the week like never whenever you rolled out definitely suffered you know when when go much you know isn't going to happen. When is this going to happen? And I came back from that point and that where started noticing where my my sweet little boy growing up central Florida attitude with different now. I'm more numb to my environment where I should feel sadness. I Where I feel grief. I felt nothing where I should feel. Happy did nothing over very lived. You know nothing it really really bring me down but nothing really bring me up either and even still without point. I'd never recognized as PDF. It was just more so of you know they didn't meet I. Am You know I'm an infantryman so I'm not supposed to feel one way or the other? Because when you go on your deployments especially combat arms you. They're being in their situations that you have to do the Act. React to where you you have to take your feelings out of it or else. Maybe you wouldn't be able to we athletes your way so if you ever read a book by Dave Grossman like inside out there. Lieutenant Colonel They're very against he was He wrote a couple of different books but one of the biggest things that he's talked about fight or flight and he discusses.

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