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The, the fullness of what it means to be a human right now. I think they're only operating on one percent of what it is actually to be being. I just came back from the Philippines with another teacher. And he was mentioning that than I thought about it a net sexually to, you know, like we talk about it. We wanna use twenty percent up our brain. I think over centuries, if you look around. And in the role than his, you know, so many things don't make sense. You wonder rby operating full at fullback. Yeah. We are not. And so if you were actually understood what and you don't have to think about it. It's one that like I know if I mentioned to my kids, they would be laughing because, you know a star harsh maven's almost been. But if that's if you know whatever. If the matrix works for you. I don't care for tuber whatever it. Got it. You know, just added that it is. You know, because then, you know, then you understand so much more. What's possible for us acumen beings? End end. Really, you know, when you're having sex new reaching a point of work as we always say, oh, my God ride. That's, that's what entrees about the understood that the Benue are actually connecting to another human being any, you rich that conscious that, that, that blur of or that moment or that, you know, sometimes thirty seconds, but attend trade can be locked longer than that. You reach higher state. It's actually higher brains brainwave state, you know, Theta gamma states of, of brain and original so's through hormones like our this also goes back to biology. I think, you know, detention didn't understand, of course biology. But it's all hormonal. So today. They can also core related to science. So this is not just, you know, someone at the time they didn't have disci- Beckett up. But today we do. No, that's awesome night if someone dead at came to you and said, we want to couple or even just someone on their own saying that they wanted to go down the tonic path any do wanna expedience time shake sex start at a certain point. It's like a process. What is that? Yeah. I mean, there's tons of information out there now, however many comes to comes to couples let's say that they are already in a relationship because it's it it becomes, you know. So, like everything that you take on, if the relationship is on shaky foundations, this will just bring the true small more surface often, tell them that, you know, whatever you embark on mint truthful start coming to the surface, the troops might be that you may have to separate. So sometimes people are afraid to engage in any new practices, because they know deep inside that they will it will rip them apart. So, so let's say that the couple is, is pretty steady. End. They are multi other end. They have a good relationship on expend their sexuality. Attention is ideal for that because body starts is basically basically sitting face to face, end looking I two I and part and in our culture, we are so used to not even looking at each other. Now be looking at the phone was set the town rights, but especially men comes to really, really difficult topics. So if you actually look another person in the eyes for two or three minutes, I guarantee you that you fall in love them. No matter who they are now end end you know, because if you just look in the is it doesn't matter if they have a big nose, they don't it doesn't matter if they are fatted doesn't matter, if they're, you know, they're deformed event you looking the eye of another human being, and you see the beauty in there, like it, would any living creature like a flower or. Right. So, so that's what that's what the gift of tr-trade is actually really simple beyond that, it's connecting the Braff. So in our society, run around, mostly if you have done yoga, you understand this, that most of us are just running around bid, very shallow unconscious, breathing. Once we do some of these practices. It's connective breath and you pay attention to your own breath, you connected to other persons breath and detonate self, you will see, like people just kind of mount to each, you know, and so the vets really the basics. You know, you can do this without teacher. You can just Google something YouTube. And you can just do that. You know if you don't wanna do the mantras end. No, the complicated. E you know that's that's a fast. It's a it's a bath. And it's a lifelong path if you wanna do that. And it's very time consuming as well. Any goes into lot more for if the dial waste month. Chia had made this very popular in the vast the Jackie relation control for men though, imagined you know, in our society, b r v very much driven our sexual encounters very much driven by, you know by men. So when he came, it's over. Right. And so that's what I meant about orgasmic meditation, and most women, you know, they just got started warming up, but you will know that if only partner that you have that because you thought about okay this found good. I think, and you know, especially not practice, but most women six forty minutes just to get out of the head stop the chatter that we just talked about to feel comfortable in their body and to start like feeling something especially who have been numbed out by vibrators, you know that you've been using between friends or you know, so if you numb your body bids, you know, Mike writers electrical equipment, there's no human being that can touch you, and you feel anything, so you wanna feel anything you need to be touched lightly for longer period of time end end in kind of a re-engage and revitalize that part of your body still. So, so the, the practice is switched. What it means is that men actually, I hate to use the words. But, you know, I say it's just for practical to service, the women. I mean you know, they do a lot of stimulation of the female body before they ever get engaged. You'll have you can have multiple orgasms before the men, actually enters you. So that's what tantric sex is about. And you know, when men here this is like, what? What? You know what I mean? So that's why it's so difficult to actually I know so few couples who are managing to, to engage in this, because the men do not understand the long term ramifications of this end. We live in a in a, you know, in an instant gratification, and hurry. Hurry, hurry. Five minutes X kind of thing time side. So and men can bring themselves to, you know, to arousal to Jack relation in five minutes, you know in the end, that's pretty much it. But, you know, women are, like, basically just receptacles to the men's orgasm day, just been Mitch masturbated in you. And so that's where the resentment disconnection comes from the let's switch that around, you know, imagine that you have this beautiful lover, who wants to engage with you in, in a deeper way wants to, you know. D- armor, your emotional traumas that you collected throughout your life from previous boyfriends engagements, because there's no women on the planet may be not that hasn't been raped, but hasn't been touched in a way that she didn't like to our bodies house, and keep the information. And, and so somebody touches you jump. This is N. If you've been traumatized, or, or raped, I won't even say that, you know, one in four women have been so. So, so we need to kind of DR Mer and end and now the numbness from our bodies that was previous collected. And then, so you, you would do simulations site and light just like you would do, like the top of your eyelid big you fingered, which is, which comes at an incredible surprise Doumen. Very, very sensitive snap. Nope. From from from from porn. They see this rub rub rub rub he end. Robert, rob your little wet. Let's go yet the way it goes. So you go the slide light touches, so you have to have amended a lot of sensitivity and understanding to engage in this, and you do that the new union massage like Logan have never had a labia massage. Never have. There you go. So that's what that's what my I have a Yoni massage should be, though, that I that I be done with my to baton centra teacher. And he has also teaching in their techniques. That was secretly headed down. So, so the so one other thing I wanna mention about the tundra lineage, lineage practice so attended down from teacher to teacher ah by empowerment. So they. You know it's a transmission. And in some of the stitches were kept secret because they felt that the commission out there had no idea how to incorporate it or how to use it end end. But now we have internet so secrets are out today. Most this traditions are not out, but they still people still don't have the lifestyle and the basic knowledge and even the will, let's face it, not, I don't either, you know, I don't have time to do hundreds of mantras all day comes sometimes lead red light and it, you know. And yeah. And things like that. And I have to tell you that my day goes better because the sense sense, which words and his mantras have such high residents vibration, if it just it just makes me feel all of a sudden, which in a different level. And all of a sudden you, you find parking spots and time and. They are. They are a little secret. He knows secret maze of just managing lives better. Really? Yeah. It's like when we used to do that song. You know, when we were doing our training just wants. Now I go. And you would come they're feeling like you were Walker not CLYDE, like I mean, everything wasn't science, curtsied, new idea really away. What you said, maybe you an idea of some of the translations or someone without you, but yet was always agree. You know, ceiling afterwards, you're I mean, it's nice to understand it, but you don't have to understand the idea is that this ancient language end by brations of the sound out. There is just like music right to the, the music is by ration- rights. We relate to. So those sounds are 'rational sounds that are, are vibrating at the level that brings basically piece love to everything. Clearly are. Yeah. Even just you're arming, the end you can be so beautiful. I actually always find it kind of ingesting am. And, you know, the word on a NAN, there was this orgasmic meditation, which the acronym is all. I know they got a lot of flack for that by today trademark the name and people who were like traditional practitioners and abo-. It got really pissed off at it. Because it, but it became so this is a thing believe in modern society and envy. Don't have time end. We don't go into academic studies of this practices. Let people seem to no, what all means and, and the Nicole, they don't that on who came off at this practice. She actually learned it from Morehouse university, which is on side of San Francisco. Lafayette, more housing estate debate, the bid them as intentional community longest-running intentional community disturbed from the late sixties flower children there on the seventeenth knowledge in purple houses, and they are all academic sexually. So I because I went to route I wanted to know because I was also baffled by the whole home. And or as we end all of that, and, and I went to route, like they actually came up with three hour orgasm in, in the seventies eighties, so they were before their time, but they couldn't couldn't market death. You know, gonna market three hour orgasm, too, you know, so Cole reduced it to fifteen minute very learnable teachable practice, which is which sounds lot more attractive to the millennials whose attaches is, is next minute. That's pretty, and so it sort of beauty of that, practices that I teach that as well. Organized nation kind of had gone through its own changes. They've been sued, you know, and so like corporate America nineties sold can only learn online, but I'm still from the old school allergic from them. So I incorporated into my teaching tools..

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