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Hang, yeah, there are some people taking advantage of our generosity, our generosity, and it's like if this keeps happening, we're gonna be able to do this because the sponsors that we work with are not going to want it. We're not gonna want to. Yeah, so don't be doing this a bad reputation. You guys lady games all the latest thing? Yeah, get together all the lady game. Our girls are so amazing. Girls are so amazing. But then when you're like, then they're still jacket when you're fraudulent, then we can't go get you pay. All right. And also we see you and we know names we know. Do we know yet? Yeah, we have the names. Oh, my so it doesn't go unnoticed and don't think that you're freaking fooling us. You can't fool us because Jack is a true crime podcast, pulse and Jack has a clothing line and has been dealing with this shit forever. I've had people like try to be patient. We're getting and be paid because now after the debauchery that's on it to buckle is rock hall. We have to put all the jackets back at the warehouse. Right? And redo all the shit. We don't want one person to ruin it for everyone. You could already all been wearing. Your comes. You know what I'm saying? Okay. I don't not to complain. We do love you. Do we have time for what's in our box? Yeah, I think so. I don't know. Elena gave me her phone, but like it's keeping its locking. So its own phone. Why should have been can't do anything without Atlanta? We do have time for with loss, but I actually thought it. Okay, I'll do that. Why don't we do something else? Because we have like ten minutes or do we want to do that to. One lake, what's in our box? Obviously we have so many quickies one every week. Okay. Ooh, worst sex experiences. I know mine right off the bat. Can I go? Well, you think, oh my God, I was. I have to know. I'll just do one. I was early twenties. I was making out with this guy who is like embarrassing the thing about at this point and I like reached down to like find his penis and it was like a thimble penis. And like I was refused because I was like, am I touching a ball and my touching penis and my touching thing. And then it was like awkward because like, okay, what happens if you discover a thimble dick like you discover the thimble then you're like, we have to keep going. No, you have intercourse. No. Then you just act like you're just like a little tease and so you're like, oh, I did it, but like sit, you'll have to come back for more because I think a van, like I, I don't know. It's something awkward situation because their fault, I have nine hopes like if you want boobs, I'm not. The woman for you all nips seeing that sucks about a small deck is you can't change it. You could get a boob job if you want to have it. Also your boobs don't have to be inserted into him to create an Oregon. It doesn't yet your boobs. Don't bring pleasure. I mean, well, not definitely not. They definitely don't. Jack. Thanks for pointing that out. Okay. What's yours? Nobody's trying to motorbike super real here because after the worst experience was when I had sex with a friend's ex, I did that in my twenties. I've done that too. I did it and it felt like the worst the it was the worst. Like you can't enjoy it even though I was bombs Ville. Yeah, and he was a predator. But like, what do you mean? Like just he was the one initiating it or like, you know, but that was the absolute worse. Like I've never woken up the next morning and felt more disgusted with myself. That's it. I've done that too. Okay. My worst. I mean, I had sex with your ex. I'm very weren't friends. Yeah, that's true. My worst sex experience was when I lost my fraternity. Have I told the story at? I don't know. It's so bad. Okay. Here we go. I was twenty three years old. I was on the warped tour surprise surprise. I was in billing all these years later. She's still warm into tour. No back on it. Okay..

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