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Recording thing to say. In thousand sixteen mental health was a pro was prime Meam fodder. Now Serology memes are all over our timelines. I don't really know how to feel about mine yet. Yeah. No. I don't know how to feel about that. Because I'm not sure how helpful mental health memes. Are they're certainly better than not having mental health memes. But I know that having them replaced by astrology memes makes me feel sad for the future of the world. Yeah, one. Yes. Less hopeful than the other. Yeah. I don't know. I feel thoroughly uncomfortable through this part of the. Yeah, I mean to be clear though, in two thousand five Gallup UK poll in in this poll just over twice as I know that it's twenty eighteen and this is thirteen years ago is your Leotard. That's clothes sounds great wiz. Leo, right. Leah. Yeah. But Leo starts at the end of July in hockey. You really demo Mary someone. No, really, you weren't cancer. You you are a productive member. Society that contributes, positively. I will actually stand behind that one there. Okay. That's good. That was fucking beautiful. I that that is quote of the night. They love that. We will You're not. not. It'd be great. But in in a two thousand five Gallup UK poll just over twice as many women in the UK believed in astrology compared to men thirty percent to forty percent of data pool of one thousand ten people a twenty seventeen study by Pew Research Center. Yeah. That's it. I. People believe bullshit. Hughes flash. Eight twenty seventeen study by Pew Research Center found that twenty.

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