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This is Jack talk. I wanna listen, I want to be better. I want to be the best. I can be welcome to our team. Jack talk. As you get older, you get to be seventy eight years old. Here's what I find here grows in places that it hadn't been before. Welcome to hashtag Jack talk. Now time for everybody's favorite segment of the week here on a tacky state the Harbaugh's podcast, Jack talk by the way Jack. We should just mention that the Borg McEnroe match. You got to talking about nine hundred eighty and Borg one and the numbers on that one are insane. It's one of those things where you look back and you almost don't remember, but it was one six, seven, five, six, three, six, seven and a tiebreaker was eighteen sixteen and then it was eight, six in the last of the of the sets. That's what you're talking about. Hello, the match last I don't. I didn't get that part. I just grabbed the numbers and they're just you to the first one one, six like McEnroe's gonna win this thing going away. And then boy comes back seven, five, six, three McEnroe takes the fourth sets seven six sixteen or eighteen sixteen tiebreaker. That's a lot of tennis and then eight, six. We watched every stroke of that great match. I promise you that was a that is a famous one. That's actually I think it was HBO did a documentary or a docu drama on, I think is what they would call it on on that match. All right. So welcome back to town. You were down in Georgia last week OB at a great trip down to see the family. You watch football on TV and spend some time around the basketball program down at Georgia as well. I want to mention I spoke last Thursday up in Flint that you've club of greater Flint, and we're big in Flint play that we're big and Flint. I always thought that my show in the mornings was big and Flint because Sam is from Flint, but they love you. They love they love Jim, but people always come back to me and tell me with stories that you tell they love the story. So you're big in Flint. So we want to give shadow to our friends up in Flint town up there. And obviously we just came off home opening weekend and there's something special about the home opener, whether it's the first game of the year, the second game of the year, but it's family reunions. You the same tailgating people maybe seven times a year. Tailgates. You. See the same people to stands, maybe seven times a year at games, but you've seen him grow up in generations of passive, but you're all still together and it's family reunion time and towns like like the rest of us. You had some reunions going on as well. Forty, six, forty, seven years in coachee. We mentioned before the game, get a little fuzzy and winning and losing and all that gets a little bit fuzzy. But the thing that never you never forget your players, the players. I mean, you can remember recruiting them. We had a youngster, John offer doll at western Michigan university recruited him in nineteen eighty one as a true freshman out of Wisconsin. He came and play started force for four years. Every game never missed. A game came majoring in in pre med and Jameson son. Jamison is on the Michigan roster. So we had the western Michigan experience that we shared together and son here at the. -versity of Michigan, John and his wife, Lynn, and Jameson came over for breakfast. We had a chance to go down into our basement and one of my all time favors Jon offer dog, we had his picture down the basement. We had a chance to talk some stories. He was recruited out of Wisconsin had no other offers. Not one other school offered him any kind of a scholarship whatsoever. Greg Maddison was recruiting them the Wisconsin area and and brought him over to visit with his dad. They came in a truck and we offered him a partial scholarship, half scholarship truck broke down on Sunday, and he had to stay his stay an extra day. So we had a chance to recruit him. Came all American third team all American at western Michigan. Second round draft choice by the Miami Dolphins, a pro bowler for five of the seven years. He played in the NFL you as a pro bowler, highly highly successful in the in the business world..

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