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City's most high profile murder cases in recent. Years the fatal shooting the fifteen year? Old who DEA Pendleton to reputed gang members are being. Tried at the same time but by separate juries. Jurors are selected Friday for suspected getaway driver Kenneth Williams and jury. Selection begins Monday for accused gum in Mickael ward the mayor of suburban Dalton is pressing charges against a trustee for allegedly stealing election petitions. From women, outside, grocery store trustee Valerie. Stubs is charged with theft and. Disorderly conduct but mayor Riley Rogers once those charges upgraded we're going to meet with the, state's attorney willing, to ask to. See if we can get those charges upgraded because, she's tampering with petitions which is a glass, phone Rogers believes trustees stubs targeted petition circulator because. She opposes the ballot measures the woman who's trying to advance stabs has denied wrongdoing saying she didn't know about the mayor's involvement, with Titian and says the charges are political Indiana will need more money for school safety WGN's, Roger badesch has more recommendations for improve school safety measures of incentive to get governor Eric Holcomb report calls for more, state funds for security, improvements and school resource officers and also record Commends that every Indiana school conduct active. Shooter drills at expand students access to mental health services next step is. To find the funds, to pay for those recommendations Roger badesch WGN news it's been a year since the deadly protests. In, Charlottesville Virginia Charlottesville planning a special ceremony to remember, the woman killed last. Year have their higher, ABC's Eva pilgrim spoke with hires mother changed since what happened last year she's now an activist she used to be a grandmother knitting on, our couch so her life looks very different she. Lost her daughter and she at this point is, now trying to carry on the message that her daughter was sharing when she lost her life and that is her mission, in life unite the, right rallies planned for this weekend in. Washington DC, a dying man awarded two hundred eighty nine million dollars after winning a lawsuit against. Monsanto Dwayne Johnson successfully sued the company accusing the popular round of weed killer giving, him terminal cancer Johnson. Was a school grounds keeper in California and thousands of horse racing. Fans, expected to descend. In Arlington heights today today's the thirty sixth running of, the landmark, Arlington, million gates open it's him thirty again with thirty Dollar. General admission tickets and five dollar, tickets for young, people sports traffic and weather next WGN. Check it out I. Found five bucks in these genes, that's nothing I've found, at twenty in my old code. Oh yeah I found fifty dollars in my old Fritsch one had an old working fridge I.

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