CNN, United States, New York discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Trying to pull together all the stories that have been hitting me days. It's hard when you have tons of stories coming out you tons of speculation coming at you. And you have to kenley break it down. I know there are seven plus targets today with these unusually non-explosive pipebombs that were sent to well, former first families the Obamas the Clintons, New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, George Soros. Headquarters the CNN and New York. Former attorney general Eric Holder. There was a package addressed to rip Republican sorry. Republicans star she's not a Republican Representative Maxine Waters. And that was intercepted US congress male facility, which is located on site where the congresswoman works. The bomb was sent to Eric Holder ended up being rerouted to the return address of Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida, and there was no package addressed to her. But multiple packages had her address as a return address on them. So. It looks like the CNN package got all the way to the the mail room. One or more of the package is also contain envelopes that had an unknown white powder inside. So not only was there this possibility of of a pipe bomb. Possibly more rice in perhaps anthrax who knows? An ETF officials said during a press conference at the device into CNN was a pipe bomb. NYPD said the device sent to CNN was a live explosive device. And the implication is that the this and the other devices had the capacity to kill. None of the devices went off their lethal has not yet been confirmed by bomb technicians. We have not heard the lethal of the of of these so-called bombs. The feds wouldn't disclose during any of the press conferences, exactly what was in the packages. They said, well, it's consistent with the other packages. Let's just put it that way. So we have the investigation is ongoing. So many crazy things have been done. A lot of what we call security theater happening. I heard something about New York and the national guard being called out. Why how's that going to prevent the mail from the finding is destination? It's just I just find it. Interesting. Do you remember back when we were doing the rice and report remember that remember that I was talking about the REIs report, and how is going to, you know, all those people, and I said, wow, this is the biological attack. I guess I predicted and I was all over it. And I was reporting it there was not really that much of any type of reporting going on in the mainstream. From CNN or MSNBC or any group? I know that FOX was all over it. Because this was an attack on the president. But now this has happened to democratic leaders. This got you know, this has got the most attention I've ever seen and the truth is is that the rice, and that was sent to these to the mail rooms of these leaders was active, and it could have poisoned someone made a few staff members at Ted Cruz is operatives sick. Now, what are these bombs went off? So they were sending a pipe bomb with a trigger mechanism on it. You know? They weren't there. Those those bombs went there to take anybody out there were there to scare people. They were they were basically scare type of tools there. Do. They weren't there to. Kill anyone. And and so that raises my my eyebrows just a little bit. I also saw the John Brennan envelope or bamboo below. They they said the bomb below John Brennan Time Warner's CNN ten Columbus circle,.

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