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Of Mass General Brigham's 5 53 traffic and weather together Theseus Maru. Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. We got snow around, and it's causing some issues on the roads. But Mike we haven't had a lot of traffic, and that's the good thing. Yeah, that's the thing we put out there earlier. Please take the advice. Stay off the highways. That's not a good day to be on the road. That thing. A lot of people took that advice. The volume is a lot lighter than usual from In the afternoon, but the snow is coming down over most highways. Visibility is an issue on where we're seeing. The biggest backups. Here, of course, is where the snow plows and standing trucks are. They're treating the highways just give them some room to move here. Let's get the latest on 4 95 up to the north with your WBC news Radio road report. A lot of those delays related to Road treatments happening here on 4 95. Also the weather played a big part of that, too. But North Island 4 95, the slowest of the north bound traffic looks to be from a 93 and and over up toward the double decker bridge. If you're heading south on that slow approaching 93 some more delays down around Ruth, three down the chills for long stretches, actually, also slow through text. Maria's well, Kristen, aka the WBC news radio road report. Yeah, if you're just hopping on Route three north from 1 28 pack your patience is just a slow roll from from their 1 28 really all the way up to the New Hampshire line. 93 these random delays both directions to Wilmington and over again where the snowplows they're doing their thing. Delays on route to out to the West, as well as to 90 through Wooster. No significant problems to the South here. But 1 28 South is especially slow going from the pike really all the way into dead him and the expressway is the real surprise this afternoon. It's really not bad, either way between the tunnels. And the brains re split my king WBC's traffic on the three how the four day AccuWeather forecast meteorologist Bob Larson is with us. The snow keeps coming down and where it's going to keep coming down. It's gonna pile up on Or that a foot and then we'd be talking.

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