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Teachers strike has the board threatening to withhold pay a Monday. Carleen Johnson, live, traffic and weather in four minutes. First ABC news morning about torrential rains from hurricane. Florence fema. Administrator Brock long says the storm is slowing down that could mean it will linger and dumped tonnes of rains. This moves in. Fifteen twenty thirty inches of rain over a very short period of time. You're gonna see inland flooding. We asked people to stay out out of out of flooded areas and shelter in place. And just be very careful. Lawrence is still a category. Four storm. Now, it's expected to make landfall on Friday ABC's, Jim Ryan along the North Carolina, South Carolina, border, more than two dozen, South Carolina county schools are dark on this Wednesday. It's the same story at dozens of North Carolina public and private schools as administrators trying to keep kids in parents off the road. So Francis is now calling church leaders from around the world to the Vatican to talk about stopping priest sex-abuse that summit is set for February several reports say the president will soon be signing an executive order allowing sanctions on foreigners who try to interfere with American elections. I'm Cheri Preston. ABC news. Stay connected. Stay informed. Komo news. Thirty one right now Wednesday morning, cloudy skies few scattered showers around the sound and right now, it's fifty seven degrees. With Gregg Hersholt, I'm MandA factor. Here are the top stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center. Fire gutted a strip mall in Kirkland early this morning people reporting the blaze about three o'clock at the Rosehill village. This is near northeast eighty fifth one hundred twenty eight I could see the pockets of fire coming up there were at least four or five fire just shooting straight up. I'd say in the air strip mall includes the popular yuppie pawnshop. No, injuries reported the cause of the fire still a mystery school board in battleground says if teachers who are out on strike don't come to school by Monday, they won't get a paycheck almost Carleen Johnson joins us live with the latest on that strike and the one in two other school districts that have yet to start the school year. Right. We have strikes right now in battleground also in Tom water and in Tacoma, those are the three remaining school districts where teachers are. Holding out for more significant pay increases, then their districts and boards have been willing. So far to give. So the latest in the situation and battleground had the board on Monday night voting that come Monday, the seventeenth if teachers were not in the classroom, even if negotiations continued over there over the pay raise if they weren't in the classroom that there would be no paychecks issued to those teachers that's their latest urging to try and get them to resolve this matter quickly and get back into school. But as far as the union is concerned, they're not worried about the threat. It's a scare tactic. We're looking at it as a scare tactic. And they say that the Goshi -ation should be continuing at the bargaining table with no threats. Meantime in Tom water, you have the district there and the union attorneys headed back to court today. Judge could issue an injunction there or just sort of the two sides to continue and in Tacoma the school year has yet to begin their where teachers are holding out for more significant pay increase reporting live. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. An investigation into the theft and crash of a horizon airplane last month from seatac airport is about to begin. Komo's Eric Heintz says the update the port of Seattle Tuesday authorized spending three hundred twenty five thousand dollars for the investigation. The Tacoma news Tribune reports the results and recommendations are expected to be published in December the plane was stolen by horizon. Ground crew member Richard Russell on August tenth airline officials say Russell used a tow vehicle to rotate the park playing one hundred and eighty degrees before climbing into the cockpit taxing and taking flight after staying at flight and performing stents for more than an hour. Plane crashed on Caltrans island Puget Sound. Russell was the only casualty Eric Heintz. Komo news. Coming up after we check traffic. I'm Brian Calvert with the factors that led to or then one in four adults within the state are obese. Six thirty four. Now our KOMO AAA traffic. All right back to Kierra Jordan. We're still working on our crash.

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