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The shelves for you to buy. Not much. It's not easy to find some things that have an actual Brun. For example. There is the these guy that has a coffee grinder, and he joins of writing firm on the sales. You the coffee in little box. Someone who selling milk in recycled bottles of soda. I don't know if this again from its there, can you buy the milk off the back of this guy's truck or the coffee grinder guy. Can you pay them in bitcoin or does it have to be boulevard nano going widespread in that same because their technology, limitations? I mean, the internet's gang Ganden spotty AmEx. Any surprise this? Call has. So am I so am I so I don't think the way point when you have like everyone goes in buys beacon that it's not going to happen because people are so poor that they don't have a smartphone. What does the Venezuelan government? Either. One take your pick the one with president thorough or the one with with national assembly president. Why though what do they have to say about him and? All right, nNcholas has been a acknowledging that these market exits. Made these web page where you can send them the big going on. They send you the believer actually made a Barlow local bitcoin wall. Yeah. But the rate is lower is like twenty percent lower. So they take they're calling their system. You're also on you lose the anonymity. I was just going to say do your trust them because first of all you have to trust them. But also, they'll know who you are. I trust him. I trade an an account with a fake name, and they tried on. And then work that were everything government does. But in theory, it's scary what they're doing. But because I feel like their next at once they get their system up and running would be to try to shut down the other other local bitcoin, so they can make use their system a personal question. If I might Mr. for before, let's go you. You're a guy of some means because you know, about bitcoin, and you have the wherewithal the do this. You're you've got an education. Why do you stay in Venezuela? That is a hard question. So I trying to leave for about a year. And every time I went to leave their comes any. Oh, paternity new world that up to finish. Okay. Let me finish his belly. The thing is the professional workforce in Venice allies contracting so much everyone is leaving. So you actually have a lot of paternity if you if you don't want you have opportunity, if you have an education, and you can figure it out English, are example to interview someone in Venezuela that right now on you only knew English you would reach out to me. And they're several of those Mr. thank you for your time, sir. Thank you. We started the program with a bit of economic theory. And fact checking the reality of who is actually paying the price for the president's tariffs. We will end with a bit more theory. This time the idea of economic externalities, and to do that we have to go to Texas oil patch where the fracking boom that has made this country the top crude oil producer on the planet has brought some unintended consequences from the marketplace hub at Houston public media. Travis Bennett explains. The west Texas Permian basin is hours away from the state's major cities. But in the Permian, it's still normal to find yourself stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. That's because it takes a lot of trucks to get also feels out of the ground. One Texas AM study from twenty sixteen estimated that drilling and fracking single Wheeler gas well in the Permian can involve almost a thousand trucks hauling things like drilling equipment and sand so driving oilfield roads can be intense. Jose NAR by is. Does it for living? It gets very scary. And they're stressful nearby is a trucker with a YouTube channel where from the cab of his truck..

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