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A golf course called keto in texas and that's where he lives. He lives there but he has a house that has like the cloud jog in his front gate. Which and he was the group in front and someone said off towards in front of us and how funny told how in other those great ninety went go to tell the story so but no he was lovely a wish she'd done more since winning. No fin buck. I guess when you win the open you're like can put the clark jog your gates similar like jim furic so jim fiar can. I went to the same high school and so obviously thirty years apart but same high school and so what he had always put on his tournament for junior golfers and i caught him in the parking lot change in his shoes and every year the us jay gives you one of these little hats like the us open. Whatever right so. I happen to have the hat. He's right there in the parking lot. I have them sign it. It's the year he wins it at olympia fields. And i'm like i just had jim feerick Like signed this hat three months before he won the day thing and this is going to be worth some money. Nothing just never another major. The only got. I was like well maybe so or something. I don't know anything about it. I new idea that you don't labor one yeah. He came close a handful of times at the masters like stretch and then he had another run at the pga back. I can't remember where but i mean he. He was a local hometown guy right so everybody was kind of like jim. Fear was our hometown..

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