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Israel celebrating Shabbat inside for the first time since the attack rabbi Charlie citron walker says it's been healing to watch All of that love and support that we received that meant the world To us in our community The standoff January 15th ended when citron walker threw a chair at Malik Faisal akram at the hostages able to escape as an FBI tactical team killed akram congregation leaders say they want to focus on fighting anti semitism which led the gunman to their synagogue Samantha leapman Fox News It's 5 18 Traffic and weather on the 8s and Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center Thanks Ian very good Sunday morning to you at the southbound side of the BW Parkway unfortunately all lanes still blocked after a powder mill road all traffic still being diverted onto powder mill road take that into account here as you make your way out the door I 95 south might be a better option if you're headed towards the beltway I 95 northbound still got the work zone along the left side of the roadway To the left lanes reportedly blocked on your approach towards powder mill road there was also some crash activity reported through that area If they are still out there watch out for them along the right side I two 70 running smoothly in either direction northbound side of the Baltimore Washington Parkway After two O two got some crash activity it looks like it's going to be primarily on the ramp that takes you over towards four 50 watch out for that If four 50 is your destination or at least part of it eastbound or rather westbound inbound side of east capital street as you head over towards sea street over towards RFK stadium You're going to see a little extra volume there for your usual activities on Sunday morning 66 in either direction looks like the work zone isn't the clearing stages here Headed towards the beltway Don't see the cones there in either camera so it looks like that works zone should clear You should have access to the inner loop once again from eastbound 66 and with that said the inter loop ramps to 66 should be in the process of opening might be the case that they're still blocked so watch out plan ahead in case they are still closed Do be ready to take a different route Southbound 95 caller confirms they are still working there between one 23 and Dell city single right lane is all that gets by Remember those barriers along the right make that right lane feel a little claustrophobic So if you've got a larger vehicle give yourself a little room there Northbound 95 still got the work crew after centerport Parkway That's also along the left side Long fence is giving 20% off savings on offense's decks and pavers If financing is available for qualified buyers go to long fence dot com schedule your free estimate today Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic Storm team four is Ryan Miller joining us on what feels like it's a little bit colder morning that it should automate this time of year I'll tell you what we're in the 30s and 40s and it's going to be a chilly day across the region Highs are only going to.

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