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The sucks. This really sucks. It does. Also like what happens to all the people who work for the a's. Congratulations, you have to move to Vegas now. Yeah, probably or you're out of a job. Yeah. It's rough, it's rough all around. Yeah, and the contrast is striking. The two teams whose ballpark situations have been unresolved for some time. The a's where every time men for disaster about expansion, he's like, we got to figure out the raise and the a's first, which makes sense because, of course, the way that they work these deals out is the leverage, right? And so if they were to add teams, then they would take away potential markets that those teams could threaten to move to. So, of course, they want to sort those situations out before they expand. So if you are someone who wants to see expansion happen, I guess this is a hurdle that had to be cleared or knocked over one way or the other. But you have the raise and they're unending ballpark uncertainty. And they've outscored their opponents by 83 runs. Right. When they're wedding, you know? And then the a's have been outscored by 86 runs. I mean, they're at opposite ends of the spectrum here with these near historic run differentials. And yeah, if you're going to be in limbo a little bit and keep your fans kind of guessing about whether you'll be around for the long haul. At least if you could keep winning while you're doing it, that would be nice. You could be an entertaining team in the ace just went full major league instead. So I don't know, the only thing I could think is that just the depths that they've sunk to and how unwatchable they are and just the message that they've sent, the signal that they've sent that we don't even want you to watch this team or come to this ballpark. Maybe that makes it easier to turn the page in a way just to be spiteful. I mean, they've been spiteful, so just to say, well, fine. You've driven us away, you know, maybe we don't feel as much for this franchise as we used to because they have just sort of its scorched earth. So it sucks. It's not the first time that they've relocated, and it's not the second type that we're located. So the athletics will go on. They're just an itinerant team there at traveling team. Maybe they should be like, what are those indie ball teams that just has no home and just travels around everywhere is just a traveling team permanently. It's almost what they've been like. But they were in Oakland longer than they were anywhere else, and they were there for a really long time. And it's been quite a long time since any franchise relocated almost 20 years. So as inevitable as it seemed or as long in the making as it seems, it's still just sort of sent shockwaves, I think, when that news broke. Yeah, but if they were traveling team, they wouldn't go play in the middle of the desert. Probably not. No. Condolences to ace fans, if you want to write in and invent, please do and share your thoughts and we will listen. Yeah. Crummy day for everyone involved. I'm very sorry. I'm just very sorry. Well, maybe this will cheer you up. I've got a Boris metaphor for you. Something. So Stephanie Epstein wrote a piece for Sports Illustrated talking to Soto and Boris and it's about basically how Soto says they cut off negotiations with the nationals when he says the nationals leaked the terms of the discussion or what was going on there and he took that as a betrayal and said no more. And there's a Boris quote in here. So Soto's agent Scott Boris says San Diego has not made an offer as is to an extension. He adds that he does not take its lack of overture to mean Soto is not a priority, quote just because you have all the ingredients when you have the oven sitting there for two years, it doesn't mean you have to bake the cake

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