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You know anyone but he was a part of the he the very blurry so i guess it's been a bunch of bird the reason the neighborhood according to news on six lead assuming said his home was broken into a few months ago if it was a lot more people driving some of the name rhymed more than one at a time authorities said it was too early to determine whether the three teams were responsible for the other per glorious so i hey you know this is we see making the major headlines you know at this stands around so you know you're able to protect those in your house we're able to protect or maybe you're able to protect your family members somebody's in your house hey you know eight eight even shooter if they are you know there too cause bodily heart when i was out train for my scc w you know they said luck if somebody sees your guy in the starts to leave you can't him from the back but if they're facing you know and it looks like the one he and look you know and you are all allen to defend yourself now again i'm not a police officer those of you are police officers are retire please of there's no more about those then they're not ideal i just you know what i learned with my training legit the you know yes three people manner your house your outnumbered and you know i i kind of want to burn miller is and i want to blow ben guys and then girls to know that in this day and age of u mass was somebody you can get shot day you know we don't have that fear anymore if people we think that we can mess with people.

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