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Nextwave steve pyke interviewing ray hudson of city center church getting ready to start and there's a question that just came in and we we have a few minutes going to answer a few more questions so if you have any drop those in the chat but it really gets back to the resource. We mentioned at the top and so one of the all rail. Have you answer this after. I give commercial for some of the free resources but The question is They like the model What are your estimates for in person addition or growth. And those numbers. Where we you. I love that you're metrics. Didn't it didn't exclude counting. Who shows up. I also loved if you caught. What he said is not how many ones are coming but how many are bringing their wants. And i think there's a difference there. It's slight but i think it's a profound. You also said belong before you believe which is actually on steve's calculator and in chapter eight exactly the pattern like we're kind of flipping this whole conversation over about what how to do ministry from the twentieth century into the twenty-first it's a shift that goes from counting nickels noses to a framework steve outline ten. You've got a boil down to five for your contacts. We have for those of you that are watching and want to figure out how to figure out how many would show up. Based on this new model steve put together an actual calculator. It takes this much awareness. It takes this. Many connections digs this many relationships and this many conversations of and that's available at nextwave dot.

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