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Cool. You agree with these guys that. That's what i bounced back. Tim by the way that you do. You still have bounce catching you get these guys to buy into coming back. You promised them that they will have five days off. No all star game and you can utilize that time to obviously the catch up with midst gains but these guys came into the season particularly lakers in the eight. This'll be the chance where they can. Kinda relaxing played catch up to everyone else who had some time off. And now you saying there's a all star game in i'm here in atlanta and it's open your free to do whatever just about around here so i understand their concern and you put when you bring the entire league here or at least all stars at risk i mean you're talking about all the all stars all the best players from the best teams coming into atlanta. Also one more thing. I want to add to that you hearing other guys i hear people say oh you know deer and foxes saying what he had all these guys kill the say. It's like they don't feel safe clearly. That's what it is somewhere. There's some communication between players in the union. Needs to be fixed. Absolutely what comes to mind with me. And that's the word. Trust the word trust because the press trust nba and the players association word when they gave it to them at the start of before the start of the season when they told him that it wasn't going to be all star game all star weekend. And so would that being said when you look into it and look at how the players sacrifice so much a short a short turnaround of guys not being able to have a training account and said you know what would make a the schedule. Early and make christmas day will make the christmas day gain happy because we know how important to the nba. We know how important his the fans into everybody. The christmas day the players are sacrificing a lot being stuck in their hotel rooms testing daily to make sure that these games happen and on the flip side of that gives us still getting postponed so everyone is still figuring things out for dealing with this pandemic and yet you have all staw you just throw throw throw in the all star game all star weekend just on a spider spur of the moment without really have no real communication. It breaks the trust. This is why you get things right..

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