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To be fair was allowed for him. Think you rinaldo or something. Let's start today with another soccer. Great potentially switching teams two weeks ago. It was leeann. They'll messy joining. Ps g and today cristiano renaldo is reportedly close to joining man city. Rinaldo has been disenchanted with you. Vintage of late and the team is said to be keen to move the thirty six year. Old off of his payroll frank. What would that mean for rinaldo man city and the primarily. This is so great everytime united together. We're doing soccer stories. It's man said he wanted to get harry kane. He's going to stay at tottenham. Which is a london team in the premier league but you mentioned messy. nps g rinaldo and man city. Both of those clubs have won every trophy. There is to win domestically they wanna win champions league champions league we all know what it is. It's a top couple of teams in every league in europe. They get together. It goes from august until may. Psg doesn't win it. Man city is never want it. They made it to the finals. It's a last ditch effort because you mentioned his age. He's thirty six. He's still something left in the tank. Though when the premier league or they'll be in contention. But michael don't mistake. This is about winning. The champions league at the end of may which this year the finals in russia. That's what they're trying to do. And it was interesting thirty six years old. You start to say you know you. Judge it by american sports. This is not american sports. You say thirty six years old it. What is the lebron. Well yeah i mean. Do you have twenty nine goals in thirty four games last year. I mean it's it's important to look at production right. Not just the age. But can i. Can i divert a little bit to ask you something and look. I have become fascinated in the last ten years and really the last five with international football. Because i went to world cup in russia. I've gone to see a premier league games and you're not like it. I admit to frank. I know you always threatened me. You said you're going to like this. If you let yourself and i have let myself and i do but there is something. I don't understand with aging stars. And i know they're star still but they are aging isn't imbaba better than these is now. Yes he is. He is but they're still great players. So mike they're still dense makers teams absolutely the yard because messy also had what thirty plus goals about the same number of games. I say is just seismic. It is amazing to me now. Is i just read every day about the fees about the involved. It's amazing how all they want to do is have a sort of like american football where they can have a camera a hard cap. That's wired here and yet american sports would they take the money. Would they do this the same way or would the rockets say if they let james harden go. We rather have the hundred thirty one million dollars. That's why the a lot of the teams tried to build up players so they could sell them up a couple of things. This is the equivalent in the same. Summer of lebron james and kevin durant leaving. That's one thing but you mentioned great players. Ps g has neymar imbaba and messy man. City could be getting rinaldo with canada. Broin you can make a case. That's the top five players in the world on just two teams and guess what. The champions league draw came out today. Ps going to play men city so they'll play twice in the group. The top two teams do advance. So we're gonna we could be seeing a lot of messy rinaldo. Could be fun me taking them. Ready to go all right over here at stateside shohei ohtani let off. Today's game against the orioles with his forty first home run but it was a struggle for him last night as the angels as gave a four earned runs over five innings and the orioles snap their nineteen game. Losing streak mike. What's the bigger deal that the orioles finally one or that otani did well. Everything was otani is is big news. Everything we'll show he's big. It should be because if he ate the best player in all the major league baseball. He's one of two or three. Yeah so it it yes. It's bigger but the bigger deal is the orioles winning a game. Finally i watch. Brandon hides face last night post game. I'm you may have seen this. Frankie looked like he was gonna cry. And i understand that i was sports writer and i was around for. Cal ripken senior being fired when the orioles were historically bad this orioles team in even historic at that point. That orioles team wasn't frank. Robinson came in. And i was around that a lot and it just it's shaped the way i thought about losing it. How difficult it is for proud. Great elite athletes and coaches managers to lose. And what it feels like. And i don't make fun of it because they're in the trenches for that and so i think it's the orioles actually winning and i'm glad they did to get out from under this burden. Yeah you know when you're in a division. Yeah i think about it. You have tampa. You got the yankees red sox on toronto's a very good team someone is going to lose a lot of games. 'cause you play each other so much but nineteen in a row command. Now you would think at some point you would win win you mentioned when you covered it. We all remember eighty-eight when they started out own twenty one and eighteen losses. Had billy ripken was on the cover of sports illustrated in for a great city like baltimore. Great baseball town football town. They love that team there. It's amazing what's happened to them. But last i for otani think about it. His first pitch cedric. Mullins hits it out of the park first pitch of the game. So here's otani gives up. Three home runs and gives us a shout three times but after always said and done he left with the lead and of course we didn't say this. I don't think actually factually baltimore. Not only one last night but they wanna get day thirteen one shohei hits a home run and that's the only run they get so good for the orioles with them..

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