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Than aggressive instinct. If you go look at his career, and I don't have the numbers in front of me. Generally, when he's had decent protection, he's been Well, more efficient. Last year, we didn't have the protection and by the way, the Chargers went out and got an all Pro guard trade Turner and then they address their tackle position, so Last year. Protection was a problem when you when you're not athletic and mobile and the protections bad your pics go on. I like Philip Rivers a lot. I think he he's He's a interesting individual in that he's known for talking trash. Defoe knows total fiery and I like all that I am just extra Greenlee skeptical of this. I'm not accept was of the Tampa Bay move. But I'm I'm very skeptical of the situation. I don't love trash talking for my quarterback. Generally. No, but if you can say Listen, if you could dish it, you just gotta be able to take it. That's just the rule. I don't like hat on backwards Quarterback. I don't like trash talk. I think it's certain individuals could get away with it. I think Philip Rivers get away with it because he's consistent with it, And he's not afraid. Like like I said, You gotta take it. You can't be out here talking trash and they want to get sensitive. Everyone's well. He's living at a sensitive guy. Given that So for the first time since 2014 stuff Curry will not be playing in the N B a finals, But when he asked who he thinks will make it all the way to the end this year, he would not name those last two teams. But, he said, I hate giving predictions, especially in this scenario where anybody could get upset. I'm prepared for anything as a quote unquote well, he may be arrived. Let's get through the first round. But if Milwaukee the Lakers get knocked off, then it's just a Oh, my God, Milwaukee and the Lakers get knocked off. I don't know. I think it might think it might change how we look at this championship. I don't know if that's fair, but well, because would you imagine that would happen if we weren't in the bubble? Listen, I've watched Toronto play two of their playoff games. And I'm I'm not. I sat there and watched van bleak and sock'em and I'm like They're significantly better than last year. TORONTO It's weird to meet Toronto matches up with Milwaukee in Boston. Toronto's a greasy No, listen, but Toronto's always that they're always consistent. They're always fundamental to rising stars and a great coach and a bench and veterans. I love Toronto, who predicted that Toronto Championship here No one except for anyone who lives in Toronto, but me, right? So I left Toronto. But it's not really surprising with. I don't think the Blazers or the maps, they're going to win. But I do think that we're gonna look at the situation differently. If there is a major upset like that, I don't think that's fair because right now I think that you think this is a situation will say it's just a fluke here. I'm saying and I don't think that's there. But we probably will just by default. Do that. I don't I don't know that's gonna happen. I think everything is going to end up being how we originally predicted it. The long playoffs. Joy with news. Well, that's the news and thanks for stopping by heard light, So when I was at the other place, I did a rant on hat on backwards. I don't like guys that whether hand on backwards and Steve Spurrier, the legendary Steve Spurrier went to on a press conference one time and mention my name. This is a true story. And he said, You know, I listened that Colin Cowherd. I agree with him on that I'm a quarterback to wear head on backwards either. I want a grown up coward. That's what he called me and its spirit. I love him, and so I'm not a hat on backwards guy. Every guy I've ever known that wears them all the time to goof ball, and I want my franchise got to be a grown up. I had about Six months ago, 69 months ago, right before Cove it whenever that was, like, right back from the Super Bowl, kid come up to me in Manhattan Beach hat on backwards and he want to be a sportscaster. Looking for advice. Guess what I told him. I'd put the hand on forward Can't take you seriously. I mean, I don't wear hats often, but when I do, I wear them for function, not necessarily fashion. But I would be a hat on backwards. Probably told him you're not happy. I mean, what about Ken Griffey Jr is notoriously hat on backwards guys, one of the greatest one exception in the history of backwards hats. One. So you're gonna you'll submit, you know, I mean, there's exceptions to everything. I mean, there are people that fall off a cliff and live. Can't There's an exception to everything but most hat on backwards. Guys don't get told that sportscaster I said, you should never go upto American media icon asked for advice hat on backwards. Turn it right around. I said, Now you're a winner. Just a frat boy before nine year old winner. You're running things you have control of your life. It was the philosophy. It's just like it's guys that wear armor, just frat boys. That is great when you're 19, and you're drinking Milwaukee's best, But when you walk into a room of players, you want it forward. And then everybody will send me a picture of Tom Brady with his head. Tom is over. 99% of the Tom Tom is front facing Brady hat with his brand. You can see his brain never noticed Tom ever since he developed his brand. You can see the brand if guys that have Grand. They were they have you doing going to Senor Froggies drinking all my a It's not for me. I don't think there's an equivalent for women backwards hat. Oh, yes, there is. There is, is that is there something on women does And you immediately like, like, like somebody in your field and they immediately come up and you're like I can't take him seriously. Not really. I'm not a very judgmental person. I am every second of the day. I was like, plus, the younger joy was ah. I'm an old lady now, so make more calculated decisions. Cool when you're a producer, Is there anything a producer Khun Dio ask you. I wanna be a producer and you're like I know what it is. Change Smoker. Remember that guy? We work with a chain smoker? I could do with smoke. Don't wear shorts to work here in radio. I don't care if no one.

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