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Started. We'll see how Harman's bloodlust grows in a minute. No back to the story. In June of nineteen Twenty-three just two weeks after moving into his new attic apartment. Forty four year old Fritz Harmon met his new neighbors thirteen year old son Ernst ehrenberg for its decided. It was time to Chris in his new place. He nabbed the boy while ehrenberg was out running an errand for his father. He took the boy back to the room and fed him a meal before killing him sinking his teeth into Aaron Burks throat criminologist. Eric Hickey states in the book serial killers and their victims that serial killers, especially those who are sexually motivated like Harman can get addicted to sexually satisfying behavior Harmon took a big risk by attacking his neighbor's child but much like any addict would at times find it impossible to control himself by no Harmon was referring to his murder method as his love bite. What had started as an occasional urge? Now dominated his life. There had been years between his first and second known victims. But now Harman began killing at least once a month. He lived in constant anticipation of his next victim every passing young boy was target to misdirect police. He snitched on his fellow thieves and fed information about criminals to his contact detective muehler sometimes grants contributed to Fritz alibis. The longer harm and help the police the more. They believed that he was a good, man. Caught in bad circumstances Harmon felt invincible according to the crime classification manual published by the FBI serial killers can become overconfident as a result of evading capture for their first few murders. This overconfidence can even cause a previously meticulous killer who plans crimes carefully to become impulsive and disorganized in the two months following his murder of ehrenberg harm. And picked up three youths from Hanover station. Hinrichs truce Paul bronner's. Chefs ski and Richard Greif were all promised housing and work charmed by Harman and wanting to escape turbulent home lives. They followed him back to his apartment Herman raped and murdered all three boys and kept their possessions, including a violin case a coat and a hand tailored suit, two months later in October of nineteen Twenty-three Harmon stopped Wilhelm earner while the boy was on his way to work Harman pretended to be a police officer named detective hunter Brock and arrested earner on charges of travelling with forged documents. But instead of taking him to the station Harmon forced the boy into his apartment where he killed him. A local man witnessed the arrest told earners parents about it. They went to the police station where they were told. There was no detective hunter Brock, and they were sent away never to see their son. Again, two weeks later thirteen-year-old Hines Brinkman was on his way to visit his brother in the German army. He arrived at Hanover station late and Harmon offered the boy a place to stay for the night. Then killed him. Throughout nineteen Twenty-three Hans Grahn stayed with Fritz Harmon grants claimed he knew nothing about the boys murdered during that time, which totalled twelve victims before November. But he and Harmon were together constantly in November of nineteen Twenty-three grens in Harmon were seen at Hanover station. The pair chatted with a seventeen year old apprentice carpenter named Adolf Hon. Appel? They took him to a nearby cafe. The next day Harmon said he arrived home to find Hans grants and his friend Hugo would Cusco standing over haunting Pels dead body grants had laid the corpse in Harman's bed. Crohn's didn't explain what had happened but said to Harmon one of yours he asked Harman to dispose of the body as if the victim was Harman's own. It would seem as though Fritz Harmon was not the only murderer living in the attic apartment. The early nineteen twenties were difficult years for Germany the country suffered the after effects of World War One and was increasingly impoverished the city of Hanover struggled with homelessness black market smuggling and violent crime after hundreds of residents, particularly young boys went missing in nineteen Twenty-three. Rumors began to circulate there was aware wolf preying on young men. The rumors weren't just fantasy and his nineteen Twenty-three gave way to nineteen twenty four the where wolf only claimed more victims on January fifth nineteen twenty four for its Harmon. No, forty five killed his first victim of the year and his fifteenth total a seventeen year old named earns speaker by this time Harmon had begun to lose track of his VICTIMS Names. But he remembered the clothes they wore which he always kept as trophies in the encyclopedia of murder and violent crime re. Researcher, Nicole Motte notes, quote, a trophy represents power over that individual. When the offender keeps this kind of souvenir it serves as a way to preserve the memory of the victim and quote, the desire for power over an individual seen in keeping trophies echoes the desire for power that motivated Harmon to sexually assault defenceless, young boys. It was thanks to one trophy that Harmon always recalled his next victim. Fritz Wittig Harmon killed Wittig. Because Hans Crohn's like the man suit and harm wanted to gift it to Crohn's Harman's addiction was intensifying on may twenty six nineteen twenty four the same day. He killed Wittig Harmon. Also claimed a second victim. His second victim was also his youngest ten-year-old Friedrich hobbling was skipping school when he encountered Harmon in the streets of Hanover. His remains were later found in the river. Meanwhile, the residents of Hanover. Ver- were growing more terrified local newspapers ran headlines about the masses of missing children and pressure on law enforcement mounted in may nineteen twenty four to children playing by the liner river found a human skull. The skull was turned into police who determined belonged to a male between the ages of eighteen and twenty four the skull also bore evidence of knife wounds, but incredibly police didn't take it seriously. The find was at first attributed to some grave robbers who had recently been chased out of a cemetery nearby. Some officers thought it could be a prank by some students at guarding and medical school where they're just been an outbreak of typhoid two weeks later two boys playing in a field found a sack filled with fragments of human bones. Still police were focused on other matters and did little to address the situation altogether. Harmon is known to have murdered thirteen boys over the course of nineteen twenty four bringing. Total count to twenty four victims on June fourteenth harm abducted seventeen year old Eric devreese after the ball had gone for his daily swim and the Ohio river reece's sister reported that she had seen Harmon watching Reese as he swam a few days beforehand on the day Harmon, murdered Reese he lured the boy to his apartment by promising him cigarettes after he convinced freeze to lay back onto his bed. He strangled and bit into the boy harmed disposed of Reese at the entrance to Herron house and gardens a large formal garden near Hanover's palace. It took him four trips to completely dispose of the dismembered body. Meanwhile, the lack of police response to the disappearing boys frustrated Hanover residents in June of nineteen twenty four more than one hundred people scoured the banks of the liner river searching for evidence that would convince the police to act they found hundreds of Hugh. Human bone fragments which had been violently cut or broken and angrily handed them over to police at last convinced. The bones were connected to violent crimes the police drag the lineup and found an additional five hundred human bone fragments. Many of the fragments were determined to belong to young males. Initially police had few leads. They looked for known criminals in the area Harmon had long lived near the liner river and had a history of sexual assault and child molestation as officers poured over case files, they noticed that Harmon also had direct connections to a number of missing persons cases from the last two years, but some officers especially Harman's police contact detective muehler were slow to suspect Harmon, they couldn't believe such an amiable. And as they saw it simple man could have pulled off crimes like these undetected. Nevertheless, police decided to tail him since Harmon new most. Of the local officers from his work as a police informant. Too. Young policemen were brought in from Berlin in the summer of nineteen twenty four the Berliners posed his homeless vagrants around Hanover station and eventually spotted Harmon there late at night in the company of a fifteen year old boy, the boy was Carl from a runaway who Harmon had taken in a few days prior from and Harmon began arguing at the station Harmon grabbed from by the wrist and took him to some local police officers patrolling the station in uniform, he accused from travelling on forged identification papers, the uniform officers arrested from and Harmon left the station alone. It seems that efforts to catch Harmon in the act had failed for the night. But once from was taken to the station, he had a lot to say from told officers he had been staying with Harmon for four days harm, it initially offered from work. But once they were in the apartment. He instead abused and raped from repeatedly on the morning of his arrest. From claimed Harmon held a knife to his throat and asked are you afraid to die from started crying Harmon walked the threat back and pretended? It was a joke. But from that moment on he wouldn't let from out of the site. The story proved enough for police to act they arrested Harmon the next morning at long last the where Wolfe had been unmasked. Will

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