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Would have an administration knowingly make a decision to leave Americans behind, looking for those trapped after Hurricane Ida in Mississippi and Louisiana destruction, power outages, rescue crews, utility workers and more there now we're getting there soon from 30 states. Is also now a gasoline shortage in the area. At least five storm related deaths What was what was IDA now dumping rain north into New England. Chuck Sivertsen, ABC NEWS KGO 8 10 News Update on the morning show with Nikki Maduro. Good morning. I'm Brett Burkhart. This news update is sponsored by Harris Restaurant Dining at Harrison's Restaurant. San Francisco's favorite steakhouse is now open for dining in Tuesdays through Sundays. Five p.m. to nine P.m.. Dining at Harris, his restaurant in Venice Avenue in San Francisco, a school district in the East Bay is considering a vaccine mandate. The West Contra Costa Unified School District is debating whether to require all eligible students to get vaccinated. There is already a statewide mandate for teachers and administrators. West Contra Costa is consulting with a school district in Culver City, which became the first in the country to require vaccines for eligible students. Petition to recall three San Francisco school board members is advancing. The recall. SF School Board petition has received 70,000 signatures of those signatures. Leaders believe more than 51,000 are valid. That number is 10% of registered voters in San Francisco, which is what they needed to qualify for the ballot. That means that virtually assures that there will be an election late this year or early next year. A group launched the petitions after the San Francisco Unified School District announced middle and high school students would not come back for the rest of last school year. The group will need to submit the signatures by September. 7th I'm Terry Row Schedule. Eight as the caldo Fire bears down on South Lake Tahoe. The entire city was evacuated this week. South Lake Tahoe Mayor Tamara Wallace tells kgs Chip Franklin City. Police and fire departments have been preparing for a major disaster just like this with Sort of at the end of the sort of the cleanup part of the camera fire, and they've been working on it for several months. The hope Yes. We were. We were highly prepared. We had just put together a plan. Called or Fire has now burned nearly 300 Square miles. It's only 16% contained at this time. This report is sponsored by Staples Store Staples. Connect has everything to help you get ready for back to school with amazing prices for everything on.

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