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Bill Plachy on Doug Gottlieb, filling in for Dan. And nets. That's a good song. I heard that song on my on my ipad. Iphone or whatever. The thing is forgot. Bruno Mars, I know who doesn't like remorse. All right. But it was it was more in the delivery of the I have that thing on my eye. Whatever. I got I got it. I got that. That is a groovy. I in fact, I was given for Valentine's Day, I talked about the great Valentine's Day gift. I was given. I was giving a ask. Hey, Google thing. We ask Google something. And they turned your TV on. Yeah. I can turn my own dang TV on. I don't know if I need somebody to turn it on for him. I know we have reached the we have reached a point which make things so much artificial intelligence. I have no idea how to use it. And I probably will never even take it out of the box. Yeah. Fascinating. Is there there there is this thing, which is is fascinating to me. There's idea of collusion. Right. There's there's people covering major league baseball who say that there's collusion. And that's why Manny Machado hasn't signed. That's why Bryce Harper hasn't signed that the league is looting against these two star talents who are not yet to reach their prime and their desire to get three hundred plus four hundred plus million dollars over over an eight to ten year period of time. But is it possible Plaski that it's not collusion? If everyone comes to the same conclusion, which is, you know, eight just probably isn't worth it. Because it hasn't worked for any other team. That's giving somebody in eight to ten year deal. I would agree with that. Except there are a hundred we're talking about a hundred jobless free agents one hundred in industry may. Makes ten billion dollars a year. Sixty percent of the team to look at your your looking at listen, I'm not. Born into. Number. So sixty percent of the teams right now are under the luxury tax eight or eight teams are more than one hundred million under the luxury tax. And yet there's a hundred jobless free agents out there. So it's about more than Machado and Harper..

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