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Deliberately because i like the talent of the story as a young create if mon kind of what can i do he wanted to be we've had some really nice correspondence from this charlotte harto hello do not if you will be doing england his mind again to speak by just thought i would send my thoughts anyway one major issue with england his mind is as will be articulate last week that the interest in parts over young morris his life would be the parts concerned with producing in performing the music which relate to define a generation of bedroom dwellers as for legal reasons this phone could not feature any of his actual words or music has therefore left as a disappointing exercise in sport the inspiration guesswork here he is breached by a manager he dislikes franchi mr shankley there is quoting poetry at a cemetery gates with linda sterling and so osirak cloud was extremely good in the role of morressy on especially got the singing voiced support on this couldn't make up for the end of anticipatory of the foam which felt was if was treading very carefully almost a reverential ground that excessive reverence was the second issue to this film in particular the idea of a young steven patrick was surrounded by strong spokane women who all adored him on over obsessively attracted to him in the case of one of his cowell workers was difficult to take seriously as a device find it kept me mild engage but imagine that it audience without any grinding in the smith's or morressy would find this film poli uninteresting well charlotte let me full of the up with this email address is from mark last week we could of viewing of england his mind which doesn't look like its troubled took time but i thought i'd send in review anyway i am not and never have been a smith's fun it's not that i dislike them or anything but i can't name any song on a doubt at recognize their music if i heard it i really love the foam it was the point at which a george formby chin melts into the sex pistols that i know is a huge grin on my face on it was really enjoying what i was watching the phone does that wonderful thing of making the lead carded two highly entertaining to watch while all the time newly must have been severely annoying in real life.

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