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It is beyond disgraceful. I really hope someone reported the driver. And there's that can be done about it. Another person added what the fuck is wrong with people. How can that ever be funny dumb. Don't make me feel bad for laughing. at that. community campaigner jasmine reeves described the pickup truck as disturbing. It later emerged that the image on the pickup truck was spray painted with the words. This is not okay. A protest by a woman more than two years ago ali steward became enraged when she and her ten year old daughter spotted the truck on february tenth twenty nineteen. She said i was out with my daughter. And i saw the truck with his vile image on the back and i was fuming. I was right next to clair's accessories and we went inside to buy some pink hair spray. As i knew it would just wipe off. I went out there. And i spray. A sprayed on the back in a few days later had a letter from the police asking me to call them due to criminal damage. James hell well of leeds west yorkshire over there in the uk faced fury in two thousand fourteen. When he had a similar sticker of tied up woman on the back of his truck. He insisted yes they're sold. They're sold in stores. He insisted that he only put it up as a joke and he removed it after being worn by police that he could be charged with a public order offence if he continued to display it. What do you guys think. Check out the chapter artwork or featured image over there distorted view dot com super freak dot. Com is funny is it offensive is a little bit of both. Let me now. Let's talk about it all right second story we have for you today. I feel like poor. Religious people are just taken hit after hit on today's episode. I'm so sorry but some of the shit you do is who are. The governor of utah is calling on a higher power to help combat the extreme dry weather afflicting state on thursday governor spencer cox declaration calling for utahns pronounce it utans residents of utah to participate in a weekend of prayer from friday to sunday. I have some audio here of the governor asking for the prayers. We need more rain and we need it now. We need some divine intervention. That's why i'm asking you tons of all faiths to join me. In a.

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