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By her stage name Lorde her love of monarchy is more than evident in our single raw file it's also in your name which is the biggest stage name she lived through books for aristocratic titles and lower just jump down Sir for someone who prides itself on living a bit of a normal lifestyle she said her name quote I also like it was a little arrogant his albums of all time Rogers Gail are released in December of nineteen seventy eight is the sixth studio album by Kenny Rogers selling over thirty five million copies of a successful around the world and cemented Rogers is one of the most successful artists of the seventies and eighties there were many versions of the song but Rogers version was the most successful Johnny Cash recorded first actually but Rogers version was released first its popularity has led to many releases over the years the dirty little secret is that the media and the Democrat party is turning off average Americans are US economy is poised to take off and when it does the Democrats are going to be left in the dust and it could be for a long long time they could be chasing Russian spies for the next ten to fifteen years because they literally have nothing twelve service is in war some of you doubt it the trouble do all of these things trade deals getting NATO to pay their fair share of Parada Mexico it's amazing and I've known him for so many years which is why I confidently could tell you he would keep his promises and govern as a conservative which is done I've been proven right and he's not given up at all six talk radio twelve the only you know mornings on twelve ten W. P. starting with season five thirty am on talk radio twelve ten right that's going to wrap things up for today all right Hannity tonight full coverage another disaster is Dave for the corrupt compromise congenital liar and the Democrats Adam shipping.

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