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Radio. And here's something you might not know the actor-director Clint Eastwood will be eighty nine years old. In may eighty nine movies that he has been associated with either acting or directing have grossed two point seven billion dollars making Clint Eastwood the most successful movie person in history. So happy birthday. Clint you're gonna be eighty nine. And what are you going to do another movie this one on Richard jewel? Remember Richard jewel. He was a security guard. In atlanta. In nineteen ninety six when there was awful terra bombing at the summer Olympics. Remember that Mr. Joel found the bomb alerted authorities and save lives yet the FBI after praising him initially then turned him into a suspect ruining Richard Jewell's life. It's a compelling story. And Clint Eastwood we'll tell it directing the movie again at age eighty not his last film. The mule was excellent in my opinion, a very interesting movie to watch. And he carried it now, I would not be acting in the Richard jewel film, just directing it will start shooting next month in Atlanta. Some fun facts about Clint Eastwood his first movie was in nineteen fifty five five five he had a bit part in revenge of the creature a sequel to the creature from the black lagoon Clint Eastwood is a former pool digger. He doesn't have formal acting training. He built his way up and then formed his own production company malpaso, which has produced most of his films, of course, he's iconic for these spaghetti westerns where he learned the movie trade under director Sergio Leoni, and then another fabulous director. Don Siegel, put him in the dirty Harry movies at this point. When Eastwood is an American icon and you'll remember him supporting Mitt Romney by making fun of Barack Obama at the Republican convention all in all a career that is for the ages. Eastwood an American icon..

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