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And other factors not available in all states weighin news now pine dan martin chief judge at the michigan court of appeals is retiring after forty years on the bench michael talbott got his start in 1978 as a detroit area judge appointed by governor william milliken after twenty years he was promoted to the appeals court by governor john engler and won a series of elections talbot said monday he stepping down april 25th governor rick snyder will get an opportunity to pick a successor while serving on the appeals court talbott also was credited with cleaning up detroit's thirty six the district court in 2013 in 2014 the court had many problems from budget overruns to some employees who had little direction talbott lately has been overseeing compensation cases filed by people who were wrongly convicted of crimes protesters have clashed with police and supporters of white nationalist richard spencer during his visit to michigan state university police say at least a dozen people were arrested monday michigan state allowed spencer to appear but the venue was an auditorium at a remote end of campus students around spring break but hundreds of protesters turned out shouting profanities at spencer supporters and police officers formed lines outside of the auditorium to try to keep the peace and protect people who had tickets as they entered the event the officers wore helmets and clutched batons spencer popularized the term all right to referred to a fringe movement that is a mix of white nationalist and antisemitic beliefs planned radar weather afternoon showers today high of around forty snow tonight low twenty eight tomorrow wednesday snow is well five about thirty four that swam news now i'm dan martin no shots note drills no pain got your attention i'm talking about dr michael singleton didi us in silin he's been my family's dennis for almost thirty years and that's a long time if you're like most people fear keeps you from going to the dentist but now with the sole leya laser technology the latest in dentistry there's no fear that's right with dr singleton so lael laser there's no fear and going to the dentist i've seen it with my own eyes it's truly amazing so stop putting.

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