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Cool yeah that's awesome that's a plan you know so we'll see your tough even kick fires ass yeah she's hot you ever doesn't ever try to actually fight a fire like a building that's on fire be like i'm gonna punch the building now grab a hose to soak it down is probably smarter because i definitely would do the punch the building how're you i'm so i'm going to punch my way out of any situation it's actually i think a plot to john claude van damme movie the firefighter yeah i need just punches fires out yeah oh you remember that movie where the dude dips his knuckles includes you ever try to fight somebody with glass like last shards that would be terrible which favorite fight movie fair fight that's a going thing that warrior that's a good one you know the whole okay seem best of the best to tried out any movie no no no it's fight lou fucking ossetia favorite time deadpool ooh that's pretty good your book what's that you ever watch the notebook just to say actually just watched thank you wife i couldn't i nncholas sparks is on dude you gotta check this out later night those that oh well well yes right yeah congrats one of us all right so we're gonna wrap it up stephen roach heavyweight champion the world good luck against daniel cormie i'm going to bet on you net well now do you want me to be okay because i was gonna say i'm bad luck.

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