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D thanks very much is a straight shot around South Florida this morning but generally It'll be quiet in the hot, humid as usual this afternoon about a 40% chance of showers and hides right around 90 degrees time for our businesses and Bloomberg's Jeff. Good Morning, Jimmy stocks advanced. In midweek trading, the Dow had a 1.4% gain. The NASDAQ was up half a percent. And the S and P 500 close 6/10 percent higher. The Labor Department releases its weekly tally of first time claims for unemployment benefits this morning. Economists think we'll hear that about 1.4 million workers signed up last week. The July unemployment report will be out tomorrow. The surgeon Corona virus cases likely resulted in a slowdown in job gains or worse. Some economists think the economy lost jobs last month, but the median forecast is for a non farm payroll increase of 1.5 1,000,000. Uber's among companies scheduled to post quarterly results today, analysts think the ride hailing company will report a steep plunge in revenue. They say uber seen a windfall from food delivery during the pandemic, but it has not been enough to offset A drastic drop in Ridesharing demand. Jimmy back to you. All right, thanks very much, rather a Jeffrey Epstein accuser. Says Prince Andrew, a Prince Andrew once used a puppet of himself to grope her and another girl. Allegation made by Virginia Roberts grew Frey is made in her manuscript, the billionaire's Playboy club, she says the Royal used a puppet from the British TV show spitting image and Epstein's Manhattan townhouse around Easter 2000 won Their words their faces. It was easy to please him by acting amused in his gestures is such a same using the doll to cut to cut her breast before an erotic massage took place. A mirror reports. One of Jeffrey Epstein's personal assistants testified to the groping incident in 2016 Depositions. A phrase claimed that she had sex with Prince Andrew, three times a teen, though he is seriously denied all allegations. That's that story just gets worse and worse, doesn't it? It does make this talk about a rude awakening. Some Bank of America customers across the country woke up yesterday to find they had zero balance in their accounts. Customers took to social media all day, sharing their experiences of seeing $0 when they clicked Account summary. But the bank issued a statement company assuring that anyone who clicks on individual account will see the true amount. No word on the prom will be fixed. So you BankAmerica folks, go check it out. Grab the popcorn. A WalMart is turning its parking lots into drive in theaters. The retailer confirmed 320 movies will be shown at 160 stories starting next Friday through October 21st It excludes classics like E T and The Wizard of Oz. Also family hits like Black Panther and Iron. Parking spaces could be reserved now on the website at the Wal Mart, drivin dot com at the Wal Mart, driving dot com That I'm hanging every doctor. What's that? That's something you would ever do. No. No, unless I can put pajamas on, crawled back in the station wagon and fall asleep. Tom Hanks is in talks to play Jim Peto in Disney's live action version of Pinocchio. Project with reunite Director Robert Zemeckis. With thanks Ah, Hu tou previously and work together on Forrest Gump cast away in the Polar Express. The animated version of Pinocchio was released in 1940. Produced by Walt Disney Productions and based on our car, local Audi's Children's book, The Adventures of Pinocchio, the town were. I think all of these town home down in Italy is Pinocchio Central. That's all it is, is old time can't think what it is thrilling. Yeah. Um, you know, fun stuff like that. You know, Tom Hanks is is but the best actor we've had a very long time. You know that, But I think the big best actor in the world is students light. She is just amazing actors has been for 40 years. She's done it all to write TV movies. Broadway Yeah, she started. I think in a soap operas back in the day, right? That's right. And but she had just watched her. I just finished a 2nd 2nd season of the politician on Netflix, which is really wonderful. And she's just a great actress. And what a terrific Netflix original the politician Something bringing back her show. Who's the boss? So are they. Really? You know, for some reason, I didn't see her name mentioned in it, But Ah, listen, Milano is going to be in a Tony dances coming back. So that was big in the mid eighties. But, yeah, I'm surprised. I didn't see her name associated with it, but she's great. She's she's terrific wishes, although the things but The politicians service. She's now one of the main characters, but the main character, the young man who plays in it. Was Thomas Hansen on Broadway, and he is extraordinarily talented to ease things in this thing, and, Ah I mean, just the most effortless voice that you've ever heard. So the combination of them is a bet Midler. She's great in this. I don't watch a lot, you know, But this one got my buster because Katie and even my kids love it. So I watched. We all need that distraction these days way, dude, seriously, 7 26 and Ah, maybe a little good or some of us sports. Is that distraction?.

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