Katy Perry, Frank Sinatra, Barry Manilow discussed on Rose Pricks: A Bachelor Roast


I swear to god lender goes mom is explicit a actual word and i said yeah it is and he goes oh so he used a real word i go yeah but he didn't use it correctly and he goes okay good dislike they're all real words is just like the it's like boggle it's boggle with full words so she wants to capitol records she's like this it's going to follow his mind capitol records so they walk in and see all these records and she goes oh my god katy perry don't know ham dono her don't sam smith don't owe him don't know her choirboy goes frank sinatra she's like oh so they go in and it's like a little old woman piano and they're like this but my my favorite part of that was that although although it looked like a brunette barry manilow that he goes she's like and this is richard marx like you would ever actually know that she goes well first of all choirs like i was honestly stunt beca goes so richard marx you know he's got award winning grammys she's like i've got a yours on a loop i sure do why don't you stay with me oh god it was so painful he's like whereas you would have to take it rebecca how it's me i can see your eyes in your eyes oh richard marx he love his voice overtured max parody usa am i right he's like you know what has.

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