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Baby spin spoke about what was going on with some great that there was that but that and the meeting and jumped all over we were talking about twenty and and that up on some eighty back then people no and all that stuff that injured but then spent amount of the they they put him out for a job the engine with right hip when you look at i mean you know you curry and the you know when you're watching him to the reaction and be not the right more than that well action i mean right right show they did stupid when set but there's a strong then you know you know what it is the best wrong communication but he american at the right he won which big each other important right foot so badly and that we're any communicate and then did a good but the fact that he made a comment the election college victory well you can that with the largest one thing that actually wrong well he'll anybody i mean i'm not a man and you talk about the on the they wanted look at the it picks mccann pep back that we go pick him up thank you know if you look at the fact that i ran rocket anymore and he the goal ended up in the air but it really didn't even put themselves already yeah they're trying to climb you wanna they keep it going right now back and i get to be you know what when he mooney man say what since nineteen eight ivory save more like to and you republican wedges have already true i didn't put enough the republican since nineteen eighty eight and everything outside and was accurate bomba can talk about ben guys it being a new to video were americans or k that's no big deal after that about being loose with facts.

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