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Decreased by twenty percent of the world's unicorns which future job creators, etc. Are start up and being is a naming in terms of it in it's primarily in six geographies where ninety percent of the US venture capital goes into. So how do we change that as a country is very doable. Now to your second question, always loved taking on big companies and with my startups when I select which wants to do and I get the pick of the litter, you could argue, I deserve that or not, but the venture capitalist uses eight years a portfolio, John, you knew how to skill companies. You gotta help them operations. You know how to develop CEO's. Give you very favorable terms. So I do get the pick, but my goal is for each one of them to be number one in their segment of the industry, they go after and I've never worried about taking on the giants union at Cisco. We took on companies like Intel like IBM and the initial days we took on the Nortel's loosens the Alcatel's and what happens is companies get bigger, they get slower. They often get crossway with government. They forget that you must give back is will take in terms of profitability, etc. So I actually think companies are more challenged now in terms of his tech for gooders tech for bad in this country. Never before and segment of it might be that it stifles segments of startups. I've actually found the reverse. Most of the innovation is coming out of startups today when you have a spark cognition partnering with a Boeing Boeing's very innovative company, but they're doing a fifty fifty joint venture on the next generation unmanned aircraft and how you do the systems to maintain this a company with two hundred people. Down in Texas, or there's another company in New York, basically artificial intelligence and all of a sudden, the biggest companies in the US are working with that company on how they transform their business. They went from a million four run rate last year to over seventy million this year. So I would actually argue that startups will be where most innovation happens and that as long as there's a level playing field they can do well. Now, to your point, maybe venture capital was shy away from an investing in area that might be to direct with an Amazon or to direct with Facebook, etc. But about the time that large players think they're invulnerable, they are very vulnerable. All right on that. No, we're going to come back in a minute. We're talking with John Chambers. He's the former CEO and chairman assists go. And now he's has a new book out called connecting the dots leadership lessons in a startup world. Support for this podcast and the following message comes from smart water, not satisfied being like other brands. Smart water looked up at the clouds and said, I wonder if we can one up mother nature for a pure crisper water and guess what they did. This is the kind of water that regular water gets jealous of. It's the water that refreshes like no other brand, try it. Smart water vapor distilled for purity, electrolytes for taste. We're here with John chamber. He's the former CEO and chairman of Cisco where it was forever right? John forever. Why would we did this together? He's the author of connecting the dots leadership lessons at a start where we're talking about where startups are now. So talk about the things and then I want to get to your leadership lessons. Sure. What can the government do right now assess this government right now or the past two administrations will. This one doesn't have almost any interest in that from what I can tell will this very provocative question and answer very square. I know you're curious what kind of Republican. Okay. Let me go in reverse order. I support as many Democrats do Republican. Okay. One of the few Republicans in Silicon Valley at the time you brought, we're talking about John McCain, and again, I'm so John McCain was one of my friends in life. You much. Much on this seem so much and you're kind of John McCain Republican, you're saying, but also understanding. I think the definition Republicans and Democrats as re blurred. I'm after a country where you just do the right thing for the country that you do the right thing for all citizens, inclusive of all citizens for all states successor..

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