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Wow. Hey, Sam. Have you ever had have you best audio? I thought today was was people kind of going at Steven Jackson, Wilbon and I thought the great audio was thie, the former NFL player Sam Macho or Sam, adjust the plan. I know he's probably done is me. I wised up. He's done, but he had a very compelling Commentary today on canceled culture and communication and where we go from here and Steven Jackson and his whole thing's What do we go from here? We ignore Stephen Jackson on all weighty matters the same thing we've been continuing to do. Just don't be stupid. It's got nowt to do with Cancel culture says this thing, That's so this is what you just saying. Sam Macho is just saying that he is very strongly against the whole cancel culture. No, but I just know Let's let's not let's not conflicted. A dude who enter most critical of thinkers said something that lets you know heat. The most critical of thinkers could take you on with your day and in no way shape or form and I am I Ah, Saying it was Steve injects. There was right. It was a weapons grade stupid. What's not looking for people, Teo to be something that they're not. Steven Jackson is not that type of dude, where you go. I need to know what's on that intelligent fellas. Mind. Stupid. He said he didn't know anything about Hitler. How do you not know anything about Hitler? There was an actual quote from that guy. Come on, man, you know, Listen, I'm glad what he's doing for the movement. I'm sorry about what happened to George Floyd. Like millions of people. Hundreds of millions of people around the world, But, you know, man, that is just absolutely just Stupid. Yeah, I guess I guess the only problem Ah, with it is what he was doing for the movement now just kind of gets tossed aside by a lot of people, But, yeah, I can't listen to you on anything your credit, but your credibility went from like, okay, executions behind it. He's got it. And then, like a week later, it's like Goddamn forget, but top here's Here's what I Here's what I say. Creators. Comments lose weight in some regard No, no, no, no, no, no. See this. This is an epic. This is very important. If your involvement in the movement Hinged on Steven Jackson and his behavior Then you're not really down with the movement. Dig what I'm saying. You're You're right, Tommy. There are going to be some people who look and go. Well, you know, I'm Steven Jackson said this saw him out there. You know what? We didn't want you because you weren't really down with it. You can. You can say that with Steven Jackson's here was done. You could say that. What he said was hurtful. It was terrible. It was unintelligent. The movement is still the movement. Police brutality. Systematic racism is still there. So if Steven Jackson is the reason that all of a sudden you are not down With being with being vociferously against racism and calling out police. Police brutality and Colin are races with you See, it is Steven Jackson and his comments made you go up Not down with it. Well then. Bye. Yeah. What? Really with it to begin with? I think that's a very small number of people, Tom. And you're saying No, I do. I I get what you're saying. A nice powers. Booth dropped. They're just right in the middle of it Well back for about But I know I do. Think what he who is wait, carried some gravitas Just because He was so close to George Floyd and he was in Minnesota, and he was one of the early voices. I just think the more voices you have the better, and I think he just kind of took his voice out of the conversation. Now that doesn't keep it from moving ahead. And yeah, if what he said, hinged on you being involved or not, then well, whatever. But well back. Ah, but I do believe he was one of the guys that like was kind of front center, and it's just It's nice to have a cz. Many of those people ah, for the cause is possible. And will this I mean, is this going to derail it? No, of course not, Of course not. But it's just nice to have those voices. And now unfortunately, it seems like he's one of those voices. That is, It doesn't matter what he says. I mean, he was spot on. He went from spot on about a spot offers you could possibly I mean, when you Quinn. You mean hatred say when you come out and say Yeah, and I don't really know much about that Hitler do like it's like then you're not worth paying attention. To what? That even if you are down with the movement, and you look at him as a leader of a movement, which I never did, But if you do, that's fine, then if you don't know who Hitler is He's he's invalidated. Move on about your day. You keep moving on in. Ah, positive direction. I really hate that We took the show Serious, but damn it. It's you get a chance to listen to the same macho cut on Cancel culture. Listen to the Julian Edelman Audio, which will play at some point as well. He had a very compelling piece Audio where he You know he's and we had him on the show I share. He's such an interesting guy. He invited to Sean Jackson to the U. S Holocaust Memorial Museum and said he'd like to To Ah, you know, share day with them and share a meal with him and talk things over and it was just interesting video, and we may well have some of that audio later. Kevin France, joining us next hearing the Tolbert Kruger and Brooke Show. KNBR, 1045 and six for Hayward from the Children Auto Body Traffic.

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