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Twenty three hours thirty seven minutes and now seven second actually anticipating this value for i watched the other slimmer depend democrat. joe started. They had to go. To the studios in nashville. They couldn't do anything but have just the ring and everything else. It was no audience. It was any still pulled off a better. Ww better than that actually wrestlemainia wrestlemania didn't in the performance. Yeah it was horrible and this one. This is what i'm saying. Impact we're going to be in front of a live crowd and it's going to be a thousand times working better. I don't know shit about wrestling. You should you should learn like a fucking wa- spend a weenie roast looking at my wings. I'm an old school when it comes through. Yeah that's what i'm saying about the old guys. I can't say you should about now. Joe who. I want to have a discussion about haystacks. Calhoun yeah we could talk to jump jay strongbow we're talking about saddam under somebody passed on that wonderful wonderful born. He was at russell. My one legend. I got to see him when they used to do wrestling shows in westchester county to county fair research. I remember i was about. I saw the article that he had pass. Yeah but they don't know shit about wrestlers he here you know because it was in the frigging regular news was. I can't find it right now. Of course because i'm looking for but in the regular news you know. The guy was a big draw when literally the regular mainstream media is reporting that and hogan it was on mega nine million other big name wrestlers. You can name all made comments mister. One of them is he was fucking legend as it wasn't for piper piper and they wouldn't be hogan and it's a stray in samania wrestlemainia because they were the perfect heels to go up on dauphin hogan prior to that they were they were he was a face near he was a baby facing and he betrayed everyone. Playing at home faces a good guy. He also bagai and hogan a mino- it was piper's paid. He betrayed he he. He turned his back on hogan me his career into something more than just being either carbon copy of but a that he had his career was expanded. The awa mid south everyting those days territories. And that's where a lot of these wrestlers now don't have that Opportunity now to hone their skills because these guys used to be booked for three months and then go to another territory. Fresh and start making money somewhere else. Andre the giant was was a draw because the only kept him in the territory for two months city somewhere else and he forwarded like this legendary. But i don't you know there's just you know it's hard for me to get into it on the big screen. I put up because we pay tribute engineer. Somebody that wanted somebody who wrong black guy. Yeah that's ricky. You get all your black guys. If you you're your guy insecurity sirius. Xm who knew one of the members of private awa in saint louis c. Say we might fight about racism. Beliefs wrestling we fucking. They're fine with seven pay tribute to suzanne douglas. Who passed okay. And shawls robinson he passed and susan roberts. Suzanne douglas johnson. Different black was an past week. Really really been on a one of my favorites man. Yeah loved her. You know burdened by death. Deaf bingo bingo. Nobody had any we. Nobody one in a while. I by the way live in long. I gotta go to break. 'cause we gotta we gotta we moved. Wbz news somebody by the way. Google saga bore jessica supposedly. She died in two thousand sixteen. They just said they put it arrest in her native hungary today so she must have stunt says you seven one eight five seven seven. Thirteen eighty nine. We're going to take a break. We're gonna come back. We're going to do the wgn news because rigging told me to move it last week and we're going to move into this show after these everybody. Let's push the button kids. You guys are ruining pretend not to notice people's race stay blow it out your ass family radio network. Am radio show. Eighty publications has probably been serving dope club for over twenty years with news and resources for the strip clubs and exotic dancers dot com to find out more about their yearly eating expo convention awards magazine subscription and advertising offers. The following message has not been approved. 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