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Good car in julian. so obviously fostered was Was a good good sir. That such a break goal. But i mean the odds of kevin dish. Winning a sprint here would probably be higher than julian. Allah philippe even winning from smallish group on these roads so I mean what were you thinking. Back in. the bunch was ever a moment where thought maybe will work. No not at all. I mean we have the world. Champion team wasn't a breakway. He suddenly very great chance to win. Such state On the same time We also just have aid riotous and We can't afford to to spend a lot of energy everyday so We have to pick fights and Today was a day where It was good for us to rest a bit and let. Let's see what you create off or out of a breakaway. And lastly we're thinking about the record. The mark cavendish doesn't like to talk about but We think it might be on the savage challenge tomorrow may be a sprint finishing carcassonne. Yeah think some miracle chance for sprint. That's for sure I think also stationed nineteen and twenty. One it's an option so I think we have some good Possibilities left in this race. Was he climbing yesterday on one to he com pretty well. I mean compared to a lot of other guys I was quite impressed about how he's he's been climbing climbing in this tour He's doing really well and I'm not concerned for him. Interesting from merck. They're talking about the quickstep not wanting to do the chasing on their own. Obviously if they go onto the front they would have been setting themselves up for the whole stage. My point to more of america was julian felipe fleet from that group of thirteen as brilliant as he as as clauses years on a basically a sprint. Finish would he win against those riders. Would he be able to get into the small enough split. I wasn't sure as it turned out. He he didn't he'd been off the road most of the day you know. He's done a lot of work in this race helping combination leading our closing things down as well so i wanted you know. Perhaps mark coming himself didn't fancy it today. One to a slightly easier day. I mean i am sped the team all that work but then again flipside of is. If you don't want to do any chasing today of these two days would have been the one to do it. Because it's only one hundred and fifty nine kilometers tomorrow. He's over two hundred kilometers. As you say francois a sprint carcassone is not given very rarely engine a sprint. Breakaway is the favourite tomorrow. They're not likely to want to close down everything on a two hundred kilometers stage. So it's an interesting. He just doesn't want the record. Come on too much. Respect for the guy would come name but yeah i think. Another factor an unimportant one. And it's interesting because we kept saying saying everybody keeps saying that team new emory's okay a little bit better than last year. The not controlling the dipoto tone and the did actually control the chase today and my impression and if you look at louis chasing leading the chase of the portal all day it was you a emirates so obviously try said look. We have thirteen guys in from almost every team is there you know okay. You're going to have a stage win. Whatever you know. let's put. We had to climbs onto yesterday. I kind of cracks. We will never know how much did but and my impression is that is asserted himself as a boss. A little bit and said look. Let's take it easy. It's windy we will be named quickly the think of your hotel in the nice shower and massage and let these guys go for it and leave me alone. That's my impression. So the track charted. They all try to shed today. Yeah and i guess they with exceptional asleep. They did. Maybe have a slightly easier day. Other the writers hate that when you say that. Because i'm sure it was so quite hard but yeah i mean this frenetic. Everyone panicking about now. He's too because it meant through the process of the break forming the way it did it meant a big engines in their powerful writers. And they weren't they weren't just breakaway hopefuls. They were strong writers and so that also makes it harder to bring back but one two five six minutes. Seven minutes sent a conscious decision. Not to chase that and say we're not we're giving up a state when mark cavendish giving sprinting legs must have been confident of pulling pulling in a victory. I mean you know. He's still sprinting. Very well as far as we know yesterday will have been tough but as we heard from mccoo. He thinks she's climbing pretty well. So really difficult one to kind of understand. Why why they didn't go for it. I guess because it's a hundred and twenty kilometers to go when the decision has to be made. I either had to react then because once. He went to eleven minutes. Francois we said well that's even. If they go on the front now they might bring it down get it within three or four and then it would have been a real taxing chase so better to let it go. Maybe we're on the road and a check. The best place writer in the in g c and there was surgery now and it was fifteen minutes down. So obviously he was in everybody's interest before you remember..

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