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Book disease a couple of weeks ago. I found a hardcover copy of some science fiction novel from the nineteen nineties. It was in mint condition. I very rarely ever read SCI fi or fantasy. But for some unknown reason I bought it. When I got home, I checked Amazon and found that the lowest price for a used hardcover copy of that book was eight dollars. I pay. Paid fifty cents for it at the thrift store. One of the reasons I shop with the thrift store at least once a month. Sadly, the book went onto my crowded bookshelves together dust anyway to get back to the subject there. I was in the kitchen section of the thrift store looking for plates for my potted plants when suddenly I spotted something outta shelve that I immediately picked up. It was one of those plastic cafeteria trays with divided sections for different entrees, all my life. I had wanted one of those that is what I have always liked about cafeterias with these section trays they serve their food pre separated. There was no need to build walls to separate the different foods because the walls were pre into the Trey no Jews from one food gets mixed up with the other foods. These cafeteria trays are marvel of modern innovation. I stood there in the aisle. All of the kitchen section of the thrift store for several minutes holding onto that cafeteria tray. It was only a quarter. I really wanted it. But my noggin went into hyper debate mode. It reason back and forth for way too long. Finally, put the tray back on the shelf after all I'm not a kid anymore. Thanks so much for listening. If you enjoyed the story, let me know and share it with your friends. Follow me at Kris K, K aria on Twitter or Kris K Kepler on Facebook. Or check out my website, WWW dot Chris Kepler dot com.

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