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A bolt of lightning into your face, and then you can voss in about five minutes into it. You decide you'll stay ugly and you run out of there. This is literally the ultimate talks Oracle. Saying we're want we want to be young again and we'll do something ridiculous to try and seem young again it makes absolutely no sense I don't think. They're even serious about why why wouldn't you? Why wouldn't you announce it and watch your stock go up to five percents he's okay. This is just ridiculous way to sell a company I'm sorry. But speaking of companies are so many different things apple two, trillion dollars Scott, what the heck what are you think about that? Two trillion dollar valuation that's really it's really well right thirty five years to get to a trillion and then twenty three months to two trillion is because of. What I'll call economic fiscal and tax policies that once you make the jump two light speed, it's much easier to go from. One trillion to two, trillion than I. Think it is from zero to a billion. It's once you get to that scale and what's really All right. But so what do you? What does it? WHO's the next to trillionaire was the next one Amazon I got this. Wrong. I thought Amazon would be the first one, trillion I this two trillion apple bow times less interesting thing about apple and again, this comes back to my obsession with recurring revenue bundles. Apple's earnings have not increased between one trillion and to try, and there's there's been no increase in earnings to stock and recast as a recurring revenue bundle because in their time and Scott from eight percent to twenty five percent recurring revenue. Basically, they've taken a page out of the Amazon Prime Notebook. And every every corporation has a lesson here, and that is if it doesn't increase revenues but it wants to double its market cap, it just needs to move to a recurring revenue bundle and no firm has made more progress against that standing starred than Apple. So no increase in earnings but doubled uprise rundell. So rundle is the way to go. So we're going to start a rundle and we're GONNA buy tiktok correct we're GONNA run for? Okay. All right. But who is going to be the next trillion dollars and by the way apple's right in the middle of a big fight with fortnight and with its developers at the same time. So it's never looked more powerful right when everyone's saying, it's too powerful. What what what what's to this? I thought it was gonNA be without Amazon. Who Do you think going to be Amazon? Amazon Apple Amazon even more. So in terms of what's interesting is there's the target Walmart had record quarters all these big companies are killing it during the damn it. Shouldn't really be using that metaphor but It's really amazing how the bigger just getting bigger and at the same time, there's these countervailing forces like fortnight or base camp or any other company talking about these big companies as if they're terrifying and so they're doing incredibly well in the stock market and terrifying other businesses in the process nobody can catch on. The if you, if you slice the S. and P. Five, hundred into dense aisles, a the top fifty are up something like eleven twelve percent now big tax up forty, two percent. and. Everyone else. As you go down if as you go from big to small, it's literally there's a correlation between returns and big everyone used to say big was bad no biggest good in this economy. And also big tech. MONOP-. TYPIC- to fail, you want to be a big tech monopoly and everyone.

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