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Yeah, it'll throw off the market. Absolutely, you know, for future free agents that want to go out there and test it. That would definitely do that. Hey, Frank ISO in the house. Thank you, Frank for stopping by. I'll highlight that. He says, Merry Christmas, everyone. Merry Christmas to you too, Frank, and appreciate the support of you stopping by this black and gulp podcast episode three ten Christmas edition. Matt hunt in the house. Matt's a frequent flyer to these live streams. Thank you, Matt, for stopping by. As for pasta pasta contract, I worry that it will roll into trade deadline. If that occurs, do we risk losing him for nothing? This is a great question for this segment of pasta pasta taco. You know, I wish I had some Italian music going on. Like a bigger pizza pie, that's a Morty. But anyway. I'm not as happy to tell that by my name. Judging by the judging by the difficulty of saying your name, you are Italian. But no, a lot of people are freaking out about this topic, to be honest with you. And it seems like every day we get closer to the trade deadline. I'm not saying that's freaking out, I think. Great question. But his agent, like you touched on Gail. His agent, JP Barry, has notorious for waiting till the last minute to get things done. I am very confident that a past and that contract will get signed extension will get signed. I think it's going to look north of ten though. As much as I would love to have 8.88 that it's a pipe dream, but I'd love to see it. A team friendly deal at that number would allow the bruins to work with other free agents to complete a goal if this one doesn't succeed. If we don't win a cup this year, I think next year is your window to open it up, release the hounds, release a lot of funds and get what you need to do to actually make that happen, but yeah, I'm confident I'm not going to worry until the trade deadline is about a week away. I'm not even worried about the trade deadline because they're not going to trade him. They're not going to trade him. I'd be more worried if he comes out. He himself comes out and says, I'm testing I'm testing free agency. I want to see what people are going to give me. I'm not worried, I'm not worried until he says that. Because last year, or was three years ago, how long was this deal? Three or four years. I can't remember. It was three, wasn't it? No, it was a 6 year deal. But when he signed that last contract, it was after the trade deadline when he saw no, it was one day after it was one day after train camp. NHL training camp star. Women mcavoy both signed on the same day. What a newsday that was. It is so notorious though for this to happen. So I think that when you say are we going to risk losing him for nothing, I don't think that at personally I don't think that's the case because I don't think that

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