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Org one of the techs tears Steve last week I didn't Congress passed the and then the president signed into law making animal abuse of federal crime that's absolutely right called the pact act I was talking to Brian Newnan about it here the other day and yeah closes loopholes so see state by state by state have their own laws about what is a crime for animal cruelty and and if I go from Illinois to Wisconsin and do something awful in Illinois may not be as awful or awful at all in Wisconsin or the other way around so this way prosecutors can play on a level playing field if that makes sense it also enhance things into the law the previously want there of for example no one thought when depending on the state or even by federal law animal cruelty are already is a federal law that was loosely defined that no one thought about spreading these videos online that I don't even want to be specific about but horrific videos use your imagination they're terrible and and it wasn't a federal crime now it is for those videos to go anywhere from state to state and if it's online of course it's gonna go from state to state so it closes that loophole they previously weren't included in the law so I love it I love the fact that we've got this we needed this and that's a good thing but it's also not only good for animals I I argue that it benefits all of us and and here's the reason why I think it benefits all of us we know that animal cruelty clearly is bad right but we also know that when people are cruel or harmful to animals they will will be likely harmful to other people we know that when domestic abuse and domestic violence occurs if there's an animal in the house that animals oftentimes practice upon first and then children are abused which is why now veterinarians must report animal abuse or suspected animal abuse to the department of children and family services why is that because that's what I just said it's likely the kids if there are kids in the house would also be abused as well so this law in my opinion makes it likely we are going to be better stewards for ourselves if we are if we are kinder to animals I do believe we will be kinder to one another at least that's the hope that's my hope so I received an email hello my friend I really like you on the radio but we listen to you with great pleasure thank you for all the good quality programs you present keep up the good work please send me a gift or souvenirs maybe something with your logo good luck and I'm not gonna read the name here mostly because I really can't pronounce it it's from and it has a street address from the Ukraine so if I reply if I send them something is that is is that quid pro quo I hope not I I know that people get these kinds of emails all the time but the timing of it just made me think about what's going on in the news do you know people who you think have absolutely everything and I mean absolutely everything what do you get that person for Christmas or Hanukkah what what do you think you know someone like that well how about this the makers of a south African Jan now have the perfect gift it's a gin so the person has to like Jen but what makes this gin different really different is that it is infused with elephant dung you heard me right it's the creators of the inland in loud Jian less and Paula Ansley they stumbled upon the idea the both scientists and they said you know what fruits and flowers are healthy for us and elephants digest so little of what they eat so so much of what comes out the other end of elephants is undigested and might actually these both tentacles to be healthy for us and I wonder if we can create a gin that includes these things so they've been doing that they collect the dung themselves so when you go up to them if you should you meet these guys when you shake hands with them make sure but you know I mean that real they're actually out in Africa walking around collecting elephant dung they described the gins flavor as lovely wooded almost spicy earthy won the changes subtly with the seasons and the location depending on what the elephants eat the gin bottles are marked with the date and accordance of where the elephant dung was collected so you're able virgin affection autos to compare the different vintages based on location it takes how many how many this sounds like a straight line for a joke right how many bags of Dhangar collected do you think for about four thousand bottles of gin all you need are five the heads of elephant dung and you've got four thousand bottles of gin the botanicals are sterilized dried again and placed in an airing cupboard of eventually the remains are infused in the G. N. which cost about five hundred ran or about thirty two dollars in the gym is a big hit with tourists then there's a website of course there's a website I have information about it on my website and then Steve Dale dot TV should you be interested in this I mean truly it is the gift for somebody that has absolutely everything before we talk to John cast and I'll be talking about this some more this morning but I want to hear your ideas to waste of best devise your home now yeah Jonathan Hanson talked about Christmas trees and we know about we know about certain things up everybody does certain things right but how about some things that everybody might not do so let me give you one idea I've got some that will offer throughout the show so one is to give your walls and ceilings best of the core I mean how many people hang things from the ceiling or put things on their walls like ribbons and Christmas signage and all that so that's an interesting idea I have some more ideas the take it much further and into other places in the home which I will tell you about through out this program sure is a.

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