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Music we need. We kicking the league folks. Commissioner please kicked me out of the commissioner spot. Anybody in the whole world can have this job What so go ahead. i'll give you what you're doing. yeah. I i traded everyone for ninth dynasty. The traded everyone for rookies. And i have to i next year i have allies more rondell more terrace. Marshall i still have patrick mahomes so and i don't want to start patrick mahomes because he can win you weeks by himself. Sometimes because i have a pretty good defense and nobody will trade me. Anything for the defensive players mean blake martinez top-five linebacker hang in a second round. Pick for me then. Anyway i benched. Petric home for tyrod taylor. I benched sterling shepard four. I think it was like a like collection of wide. Receivers scored like four combined points. I'm benching blake martinez for another linebacker. I don't expect scoring more points in week. one. I lost to chris towers by about thirty points. I should have beat him by thirty points. So you're taking your hanky. This is that. I m now I here's the place where. I'm going to admit that i actually made an error. That should be penalized. I don't with the penalty. Should be. But i don't know if you remember but there were a lot of surprises. That happened sunday morning with active inactive things that were going on i and we're on air right up until kickoff and it's a scramble to a update rosters most importantly a update our rankings also update. Dfs lineups and so sunday morning. I did not update my lineup. I did end up. Starting someone who wasn't playing and have could have started someone else in that players spot so that was a bad bad job by me. It's excusable. i been there done that. But i lost because i didn't set my line up correctly And i did so intentionally that you're going to you want to pick. It hurt me tuesday morning to realize that. I don't know that. I can continue doing it. Although my lineups currently set with tyrod taylor over homes a week do he's playing with the ravens is gonna struggle right all right. Well let's kick you out of the league This is fine right. It all serious if you play players on your roster and you're trying to tank in a dynasty league. I think it's fine. I i don't like doing. In my opinion thing i did wrong was start. Someone who found out sunday morning was inactive. All right you are with this jamie. We'll wrap it up. I don't care. I mean i wish i was playing him twice in the season as opposed to only once. Is jack in the league. Now here's the question. Probably bad if he was. Here's the question that i am struggling with. There's one team already. That i have their first round pick. There's another team that i have their second round. Pick.

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