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You mean there's been millennia of thought. That has has been put into me feeling great that about myself. So we actually see the split between mind and body start. Even as far back as Plato Plato said the soul in the body or distinct from each other and the sole is good in the body is bad. Right. And then we see our friend Paul and his Pauline theology. Pick this up and talk about the flashes bad who who grew up in the church. There is an extra narrative to contend with. Which is like we have been told that our flesh is where our sinfulness is and even more. So is women women have been told over and over. It's your body that led everyone astray. It's your lost is it's right. So bad bodies bad. And then we see even further Descartes Descartes Rene Descartes. Philosophers say that the mind is closer to the soul. The mind can leave the body. The is bad bodies were pain as bodies where last is body desire is an end that there was also this kind of. This gendered story to were men were able to leave. This is a very like hetero normative story, historically, but men were able to leave the house and go to the ivory tower think Duthie Allah g and women because of the cycles and the rhythms of the body and taking care of children had to stay with the daily tasks and the lived experience of the body. And so in addition to there being this story about minds being good and body being bad women were associated more with the body in the needs and the desires in the less of the body. And so there is a there is a patriarchal component to this. But what's interesting about embodiment is it's a construct that comes out of continental philosophy within that existentialism or phenomenology in the idea is that maybe we are bodies. And that as. Bodies that we can live with more dimension of dimensions of existence instead of just being in our thoughts that we could be in our senses that we can be in our connection to the earth and to the rhythms of the hottie, and we can feel goodness in the body. And we see with different theological ideas. The site of transcendence in theology which was about leaving the now that God is far away and big and distinct and very human, but in feminist theologies in liberation theologies. We see the construction of God is being here. And now in in the very present moment as close as our breath, perhaps even our breath itself. So embodiment is this beautiful spiritual philosophical idea that says we're missing out on the fullness of life when we try and get away from the body that there is there is something. That we learn about God. There is something. We learn about beauty. There's something. We learn about pleasure when we are in the body. And that those things are not bad that it's good that it's really good. So I'm writing a book right now for the popular audience about embodiment is and how we can be friend and fall in love with our bodies again, including even if we've had a marginalized body, if we've experienced chronic pain, if we've been in trauma and our body bodies been the site of our trauma, like I do not believe that that excludes us from experience. Goodness experiencing goodness in the body. It just kind of makes someone a crime is out. It's so. It's we're so tired all just so tired of this. And I mean, I am thinking back to what you said amend ago. Just I can't even put a number on hell much..

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