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To say nothing of utterly and totally disgusting but pete rose won't be punished for this thatcher limitations is run out there is literally no real punishment in the legal system that will happen whether this young person this jane doe was 16 116 i have a daughter makes me sick to my stomach sixteen years old as pete rose claims whether she was younger as the person pete rose is suing for saying things like this were true claims and that means the only punishment left that actually matters the only place that can serve up justice the only thing to really take away from pete rose is his job in baseball and fox board being the judge and jury and rose being thrust out and away from the only connection to the game he still has and that is through fox sports and i love the people there and i actually know to varying degrees the powerful people who'd have to make that decision and i can speak with some real confidence might say those people are great human beings and they are good people but you have to put that above whatever pressure you feel to protect this guy and i get it pete rose's charming and likable and funding our rask civil a touchstone to a different time.

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