John Coltrane, New Jersey, Northern Ireland discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


Austin mayor Steve Adler all ramifications are secondary to helping to ensure that we are safe as a community and we will deal with and work our way through all of the other ramifications in recent days a string of major companies announced and they won't be attending south by southwest this year because of concern about corona virus among them apple Amazon and Warner media I'm Tracy are in Austin Bernie Sanders campaigning across Michigan this week in the state with the most delegates available next Tuesday's primary elections Quinn Klinefelter of member station WDET reports Sanders fighting to bring momentum after Joe Biden super Tuesday victories Bernie Sanders a prize win over Hillary Clinton in Michigan's primary four years ago jump started his campaign now Sanders again enters Michigan trailing arrival this time Joe Biden but Sanders says working families in Michigan him and his record far better this time around they know that I did everything I could to defeat disastrous trade agreements like nafta and Joe Biden's supported those agreements which ended up costing us millions of good paying jobs and decimated areas like Detroit Michigan while Sanders is focusing on Michigan bite in this campaigning in other states holding primaries next week and waiting until the day before the election on Tuesday to hold events here for NPR news I'm Quinn Klinefelter in Detroit this is NPR president trump is shaking up his staff on Twitter last night he announced he is replacing acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney with Republican congressman mark meadows a close ally the name of a need to be as special envoy to Northern Ireland trump made the announcement shortly after arriving at Mar a Lago where he is spending the weekend the influential jazz pianist McCoy Tyner has died he was eighty one years old he died at his home in New Jersey Tyler was best known for his work with John Coltrane including playing on the landmark jazz album a love supreme as NPR's Andrew Limbong reports record.

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